Economy and a few suggestions

The games biggest problem at the moment is economy. Lopsided overabundance of certain commodities and a dearth of the lower end ones. We need a better method of trading in what we don’t want for commodities that we want. Eveline was a great way for us to trade for relics we wanted. We need something similar for trading in our minion glyphs for any other glyph or for trading for epic runes or scrolls.

Rerolling attributes on our gear would make collecting gear less onerous. Make high end runes or scrolls a sink for rerolling atttributes and eliminate the ones that don’t make sense like gold gain and nonmatching color buffs like getting icepact on a fire sword.

Please add an autocast for autobattle. It’s frustrating to see my character die with full mana on most of their spells.

Having a battle log would make it a lot easier to parse the data out. Like showing the blocked damage and such would help us for improving our builds.

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