Too many gear attributes

Some attributes are unnecessary splited and should be combined into a single one.

All five strikes, wards and pacts should combined into two: elemental(fire+ice+poison combined) and ambivalence(light and dark combined).
Other way of elemental combination may also be added, based on hero character’s mastery bonus.(example: strike mastery, which give fire and ice damage bonus to berserker or dark and poison to assassin)
Wealth and intelligence can also combined to a single one (may be called resourcefulness or other)

Maybe this will make enough space fornew attributes that may be added in near future.


I like the idea, I have never liked strikes, wards and pacts being so random, difficult to get the element you want. Another option could be tying the element of the attribute to the gear’s element.


That is a wonderful idea. I have transmuted several items, because the mana bonus and the color of the item didn’t match and the other traits were all right, so no random reroll…

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I wonder why you all still keep making suggestions to the Dev regarding better rewards.
Cause also this here again is nothing else.
Just realize, Dev has absolut no interest in anything that keeps ppl from buying crowns or that makes the game less grindy or less timeintensive.
Cause both are the only solutions Dev in years did find to get money pressed out of us all.
Same with their other game.
And they are wether clever enough nor willing to change that.
Sad, but … reality…

It is understandable that devs won’t give resources for free and that the game economy will be kept as to motivate players to spend money. However, there are several examples of positive changes in the game in terms of increased or easier access to resources. For example:

-Increased honor gotten from PvPs. The amount of gems is also potentially much higher.

-A guaranteed weekly armor glyph for honor.

-Increased drop rates of relics and crystals. When I started playing, farming crystals or relics was impossible. Now you can get legendary relics and crystals through mild farming, and even mythic relics through dedicated farming.

-Specific glyphs in the shop. When I started the only way of buying glyphs for gems in the shop was a weekly offer of 3 random glyphs for 1700 gems each. Meaning you could spend 5100 gems on 3 minion glyphs (it happened to me). Now, you can choose which glyphs to buy, giving you the opportunity to get one guaranteed glyph of each type every week. This came together with the loss of the offer of a weekly random glyph for diamond marks, but I consider it was still a great change for us. I and several other players strongly asked for this for a long time, so it was really satisfying when we finally got it.

So in my opinion, asking reasonable things from devs is worth the effort. It is true that only a few finally make it to the game, but they do make a difference. In fact, I am sure that if I can enjoy the game this much it is thanks to all the feedback, suggestions and petitions from all the players before me that didn’t give up on trying to help to make the game better, and to the devs listening to them.

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Higure, sorry, I am sure Dev loves you for your well meaning interpretation of what they do.
I normally also try to see things in a “friendly” way …
But in this case, Dev does everything possible to show that they do not care at all.
And that only focus they have is to sell more crowns.
Which leads imo to the opposite, ppl are not that stupid, at least most are not.

Lets see … Dev did increase rewards for Pvp … and besides they did also increase the things to be sucessful in PvP much more. So yes, you get more res, but you also have to spent much more res to play PvP sucessfully.
And you need 10 times the amount of time now … time you cant use to farm.

Increased droprates for anything do not matter also, cause as long as there are not much more glyphs any other res increased drops just lead to building up stacks of unusable and therefor more or less worthless res …
Lets be honest, there are 10467 diffrent res in game … and most of them just build stacks if you are an active player. Worthless stacks by the way mostly, cause you cant even change them into (worthless) gold.

So what stays of your list Dev did change into the “better rewards for active players” direction?
Nothing, except of … diffrent prices for (not random anymore) glyphs now, but they even did not get cheaper, at least the important ones got an increase in price of 25% therefor … cause before you also could get 3 weaponglyphs for 5100 gems, and as you anyways need all types of glyphs in the end (minionglyphs are very welcome to me too, they reduce my need of daily keys more and more) … not really better then before.
I am very impressed … NOT

Whether they hear us or not is irrelevant. Feedback and idea tag is designed for posting suggestions.

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