Gear sets should have at least 7 pieces, choose 6

I think all gear sets should have at least 7 pieces of gear and you must choose up to 6 to get the full set III bonuses
This would provide some flexibility for each set being paired with individual gear items and may even enable the possibility of having 2 full III sets active

Right now I can not have Warlord III set bonus AND have Guard Gloves (for their boost to critical hit chance) which would be an awesome combination

Thoughts or Set/Combo ideas?

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It would definitely make it interesting if we could have two set 3s. 7 items could do the trick, but with so many sets sharing more than 1 item, and all sets sharing a weapon, it might be hard to do. They could go ahead and make each set have 1 of each item, but farming set and mastery combos is already a pain. Definitely a neat idea tho, and I like your initial solution.