Element combinations for class strengthening

Good evening everyone!

Actually, I don’t feel like brainstorming for ideas for the company/companies (IP2/505) anymore, because I feel really peeeeep in some places, so this will possibly be my last post of this kind:

The result is supposed to be strengthening (skull AND mana (spell power)) classes to make testing / playing those someone has no experience with interesting as well as giving omniscient pros a push for their favorite class.

The game includes 5 elements spread across a wide variety of enemies. Why not take advantage of this by rewarding players with elemental orbs (or whatever you want to call these things, I don’t care) with defeating them - normal enemies 1 - mini-bosses 2 - bosses 3. These are accumulated within the kingdom, like crests, and can be combined as desired / agreed / needed into class gems (since each class has a primary as well as a secondary element, perhaps a 2 to 1 combination is suitable; 2 dark orb plus 1 green orb make an assassin class gem), which in turn are given to a pool / obelisk / whatever. The more collected and combined, the bigger the WEEKLY class bonus (example: 500 = 0.5% more power and mana (spell power); 1000 / 1500 / 2000 = 1.0% / 1.5% / 2.0% …).

It’s just numbers, but hopefully illustrates how it’s meant.

This would also give the monotonous grinding an additional benefit and everyone would help the community in addition to their personal hope for great loot.

That’s all, folks, I am done, thank you for reading!

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