Endgame suggestions

  1. Relics need to be added. The % drop rate from salvaging needs to be viable.

  2. The core concept of giving enemies mana from matching their element is a little strange. In the original Puzzle Quest, for example, denying the enemy by matching their mana to starve them from casting was a key strategy. I still remember beating a troll in the original Puzzle Quest by denying them from casting regeneration. Mana deny isn’t really much of a deterrent in this game and you’re pretty much focused on your one color because of how masteries are weighted. I don’t see much of a strategy past looping your primary color and matching rows for stuns all day. Matching Ls, blocks, or columns to help increase block rate or defensive stats, for example, could make gameplay more exciting.

  3. Buffs and debuffs need to be augmented. With the exception of barrier and blind, buffs and debuffs have negligible effects. Burn and regen, for example, do almost nothing.

  4. Damage from enemies should probably be a slightly greater range. The damage done is within a tight margin making it a little too predictable.

  5. Spell levels does not seem to provide much of a benefit as the game stands.


There are so many countless things to mention about balance, that there needs to be a first balance patch before really mentioning too much about it, as balance is near nonexistent currently and is hard to tell what direction is being gone for.

After we see what the first balance patch does and doesn’t do can help determine a lot more.

So far 2+ months of beta with no balance patch yet though.