Suggestion: Matching gems gives minor mana of other colors as well

Hey :slight_smile:
This came up while discussing new player experience in another topic and it would make the gameplay feel so much better, speaking for myself.
Ergo, moving it here for further discussion!

  • The game is currently balanced to single color stacking, so it makes every gem that isn’t that color feel irrelevant, and makes stale boards much more likely.

I’d highly consider changing it so each gem match awards ~10 mana of its color ( as is ) but also ~2 mana of every other color - plus possibly a minor amount of damage based on masteries.

  • Would greatly minimize bad luck board impact if you don’t see your main color, and make it so you still want to match other gems.
  • The minor damage on other color matches would also slightly help with the currently low magic damage vs skull damage, though this one is mostly optional.
  • And it would make it so multiple color of spells generate slightly more overall mana than single color, helping its viability balanced by single color’s reliability.