The spell set bonus not correct

my set is 4 green spell for a shaman, the 1st slot bonus is 240% mana damage and 2nd slot is 120%, but when i interchange the 1st and 2nd spells’ positions only, the damage they made had no difference, i tried several spells and the result is the same. wld u pls also try yourself if it’s the same case, and we also need officials to hv a look into it.

Mana damage refers to the chip damage from matching, not the spell’s listed damage.

tks, in case i hv 4 green spell, the chip damage will be increased by the sum of all 4 slots, which is 240+140+60?

Every slot has its own mana damage bonus.
When you match, gems will be split to fill them. e.g. 4 same color spells and a match-3, then only first 3 spells get one gem each. With a match-5, first spell get 2 gems and others get one.
When a spell got a gem to charge, it deal mana damage multiples by bonus multiple.
Mana damage is multipled by the number of gems it got.

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tks for yr input, bro. i got a rough idea, but do u have the exact formula on this calcu, i.e., in a 5 gems match, first 2 gems can do 240% more damage, 3rd one 140 and 4th one 60?