Changes to Mana Generation worse than I thought

I wasn’t a great fan of the latest Mana generation changes, and I just realised that they are worse than I originally thought.
Not only does Mana not fill up all the spells with the full amount anymore, which really slows the game down for magic based builds, but it still keeps putting the Mana into filled spells even if there are empty slots further down the spell slots, not much of an issue with multi-coloured builds I guess but really punishing mono builds.

Could a change be made either skip any full spell slots in favour of empty other spell slots, or allow a spell to fill multiple times like the ultimate spells.

I’m still playing around with a few classes trying to find which combinations work better than others, though admittedly have been focusing very much on mono colour builds.

While the mana being split across the 4 slots (mono build) does reduce the amount of mana going to that spell, impacting on charging up all spells, there are a couple of other changes which significantly boost mana generation.

  • 4 Spells of the same Mastery Color
    • +100% Mastery in battle.
    • First spell of that color gains +225% Mana and +400% Mana Damage
    • Second spell of that color gains +175% Mana and +300% Mana Damage
    • Third spell of that color gains +125% Mana and +200% Mana Damage
    • Fourth spell of that color gains +75% Mana

Just by having 4 spells of the same colour your Mastery is doubled. This doesn’t mean double mana generation, but it should add an extra point or two per gem (possibly more at multiple hundred mastery levels) as well as increasing the damage dealt.
But then which slot you put spells into will also impact how much mana they gain from matches and how much damage they do when cast.

Matching 3 regular gems - slots 1 and 2 gain more mana than before. Slot 3 slightly lower than before. Slot 4 gets nothing. You now need to match atleast 4 to put anything into slot 4. If you have low mana cost spells it is possible for slot 1 or 2 to already be charged with just these basic matches. Manage to match 5 or 6, a second gem gets assigned to the 1st/2nd slot, doubling what mana they get and even some 100+ spells can be cast with that which is a bit easier than before.

If you are just relying on matching the gems the board gives you, then it will be hard work, resulting in lots of small quantity gem matches, in turn getting split in 1 and 2 across each slot.

But if you utilise spells that also generate gems, convert from one colour to another, or result in more big gems, then you can produce some much more powerful matches that fill all your spell slots.

I do like the idea that fully charged spells could be skipped in the charge up, particularly with the game auto-resolving boards early from lack of moves.

I would agree with this assessment. A 3-gem match gives about 13 mana per match at ~300 Mastery. So If I have 4 red spells slotted and I match 3 red gems, each spell would have gotten 39 mana “before”. Under the 0.38 mana changes, the 3 gem match will now be allocated from left to right, so spells 1 through 3 will each get 1 gem and spell 4 will get nothing. Now how much is that gem worth? Well, at 100% Mastery increase you probably net +2 mana per gem, so now you are getting 15 mana per gem match. So spell 1 will end up getting 47 mana (+225% of 15 mana); spell 2 will end up getting 41 mana (+175% of 15 mana); spell 3 will get 34 mana (+125% of 15 mana).

This is where it gets a bit more difficult for mid-game players though. Most of these players are going to have their best mastery somewhere ~400. If they don’t favor a mono color build, then they are essentially in the same boat as “before” (no benefit from the spell changes in 0.38). If they go with a mono-color build then they are likely still looking at turn 2 or 3 before they can cast that first spell and by then their other spells are lagging as they try to get additional mana provided by the board. As @Avenger points out, it puts most players in the same boat of needing mana generators to really be able to progress the match, otherwise your spells end up lacking sufficient mana even with these changes.

At the end of the day, the changes to the spell mechanics don’t really make things easier or harder for the average player in terms of mana generation. But the enemies don’t care. They hit even harder while laughing at those players trying to get the mana they need to actually cast spells.

Another :rofl: moment!