How do you know how much damage you deal?

When matching gems for chip damage, I keep feeling like the amount I’m doing is enough to kill the enemy, before coming to find that it wasn’t enough.

Is there a way to know how much damage a given skull or gem match will do?

I also am not aware on this math. It seems to use some form of formula that takes mastery number into account.

The only thing I know for sure is the number of time it hits is based on how many spells of that color you are using, so it will deal damage 2 times with 2 colors, 1 with 1, 4 with 4, etc.

The number of gems and current mastery in the color seem to effect the damage output, but we don’t know yet what forumla it is using.

If you keep using the same build for a while, you get a feel for what will and will not chip kill, but currently we don’t have a way to fully math it out.

Wow, this makes mono-colored strategies much more powerful. Thanks for sharing.

Unless using explosions, doing a 1 color or 2 color build seems to be the best way to go. 1 color if doing the class’ primary color and 2 color for the 2 masteries they have the highest.

I ran 3 purple 1 green on Assassin most the game, but eventually just committed to 4x purple.

So I been peeling my eyes on the small damage numbers, and I noticed this:

3 green or 3 red gems deal 10 damage (rare red spell, common green spell).
3 purple gems deal 11 damage (rare purple spell).
3 blue gems deal 13 damage (rare blue spell).
3 yellow gems deal 0 damage (no yellow spell equipped).

The numbers will change based on enemy’s element (+ or - 50% damage).

Masteries are : 42 blue, 30 purple, 17 green, 17 red. Class, necromancer.

That’s suggest a base 3match damage for all colours, and a + damage depending on mastery, and independent on equipped spell rarity/level AND independent on class.

Maybe the multiplier is +1 damage per each 10 mastery rounded up, as it is +1 between the 17 and 30 masteries and +3 between 17 and 45.

Something like mastery 0-10 = base damage. Mastery 11-20 base damage +1. Mastery 21-30 base damage +2, etc.

That would result in the base damage for all colour matches being 9 dmg per 3 gems (or 3 dmg per matched gem), maybe applied even further, with 12 dmg for a match4, 15 dmg for a match5 etc.