What does Gem Mastery do?

Does anyone know what the Gem Mastery stat affects?

Based on Gems of War, I’ve been assuming Gem Mastery contributes to how much mana your hero gets from matching gems. It’d be nice to know the formula though, once the game guides are published.

First, you gain more mana from gem match with higher masteries.
Second, in PQ3 you deal elemental damage when charging up your spells by matching gems. Higher masteries will result in higher elemental damage dealt.
Every class has a main element and a sub element. They get bonus masteries on them(MAIN element get more bonus than SUB). You can figure it out by viewing your masteries.

In PQ3 every enemy has its own element.
Fire is weak against Ice and strong against Poison.
Ice is weak against Poison and strong against Fire.
Poison is weak against Fire and strong against Ice.
Light and Dark is weak against each other.
Attack their weakness result in MORE damage.
Attack with the element they strong against result in LESS damage.
Match gems of the enemy element will CHARGE UP their skills.

I thought collecting mana of the enemy color charged their skills, not attacking with a spell of the same color? Or is collecting mana (and doing some damage) what you meant?

Edit: typo fix

I mean match gems. I’ll edit it.

For reference, attacking against weakness deals +50% more. Not sure what the ratio for attacking against their resistance is.

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