Loot rng is too harsh - devs please make rngesus a bit more generous

after a few months of playing, the grind for this game is too harsh. the chests and followers’ loot rng is so heartbreaking.

ive grinded multiple heroes to upgrade followers but only for them to constantly still craft common items. even a lvl55 diamond or ruby chests still drop common items? there should be
minimum loot level for higher leveled [and type] chests/followers.

i dont see any benefit for reaching lvl 50 because the enemy gearscore scaling just gets too difficult to play against - while your loadout is no where near epic or legendary.

devs, please make pq3 loot rng a bit more generous. =)

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The key is the outright inability to level epic gear, and to upgrade to legendary gear once you get there. The epic gear level grind is extremely slow, with marks-to-shards being the easiest method post .38, and even that’s not very easy. The level-and-salvage method is ok to move along rares, as the single relics needed to evolve to green-to-blue are relatively plentiful. But the relic costs for rare-to-epic are tough enough to level gear you plan to use, let alone level something to epic status only to salvage it for major shards. As such, it’s not really viable. As for legendary? I’ve got a level 50 and a level 42, playing for over 3 months. I still only have 3 glyphs, and I have never received a legendary relic as a drop. My ceiling is level 35 gear with level 50 characters - not great.

Ergo: the game is not possible to win.

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