Quality of Life Adjustments

Hello Adventurers,

We are constantly reviewing players’ experiences and we have found some areas we can improve. These are some smaller changes we are able to make prior to our next major update, which we will be releasing with further QOL improvements based on the feedback from the Community!

  • Extra shards in all quest rewards.
  • Extra shards will now drop from chests.
  • The cost to speed up Follower missions/crafting has changed from 30 to 20 Gems per hour.
  • The cost to speed up Minion missions to open Chests has also changed from 30 to 20 Gems per hour.
  • Added extra crystal rewards in Follower side quests – basically every second quest or better.
  • Chest-rarity drop rates have been changed in all game modes. More Ruby and Diamond chests, fewer Wooden Chests.
  • Lots of minor tweaks to chest drops. Mainly more items used for evolving Gear and Spells (eg. Scrolls, Runes, Relics) from dungeon chests & more shards from skirmish chests.
  • The difficulty of Dungeons at the end of Quests early in-game has been eased.
  • Dungeons and Skirmish battles in the Battle tab have had a difficulty reduction on Easy or Medium.
  • Chapter 15 now gives a Legendary Bloodfang Shield.
  • Lots of minor changes to shop packs. Mainly increasing stock & making Keys and superior Shards cheaper.
  • Daily Deals have had some weighting adjustments & extra crystals added.

Also, we have officially spent our first month back in Etheria! Thank you for being on this journey with us, we look forward to all the adventures to come.


Any chance of getting this articulated specifically by chapter sidequest?

Also, this seems like a pretty hard knock to those that started playing at launch and already did one or more class playthroughs. Any catch up Crystals for those players?

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Great change!

How can existing EA players get access to this reward?

Dungeon chest drop rates definitely got a boost.


No clue on skirmish chest rates, as they are not currently published in-game. Can you ask the team what the standard chest rarity rates are for skirmishes, @Jeto?

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At this stage there are no plans for further mail to be sent out in relation to these QOL changes


The development team is currently in the process of getting those Bloodfang Shields out to any players who have completed Chapter 15 before 10:30 am AEST this morning. :sparkles:
With one being sent to your in-game mail, for each character who has completed that chapter.
For example, if your Necromancer and Shaman have completed Chapter 15, you will receive 2 Shields!

With the Skirmish chests, this is something I have passed onto the team as in-game you can view the rewards for the Dungeons ahead of starting a battle, whereas in Skirmishes there isn’t this option. So this may be added to the UI in future.
As for the drop rates of Skirmish chests they are as follows;
Wooden 37%, Iron 29%, Gold 19%, Ruby 10%, Diamond 5%

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


@Jeto, what about this?

Thanks, that sounds awesome

Will the shield be colour linked to the class that completes the quest? (e.g. Pally = yellow, Berserker = red, etc…)

Clearly - no. I have completed Chapter 15 with Necromancer and Paladin, got a green and purple shield.

Just got mine, they were random masteries (they were also all Level 30, so nice amount of shards incoming! :laughing: )

Good job , thumb up for devs!

So will any of these QoL adjustments be retroactively granted? Crystals in particular? Doesn’t seem to do much if you have already completed most of the side quests on each class.

I am glad that I have not become overly invested in this game as it doesn’t seem to be off to a good start. The lack of content and hyper-focus on monetization is worrisome.


Hi, loving the changes!
But curious about this as well. I’m one of those new players, been playing about a month now, and I have completed the story on 5 characters up untill chapters 7 or 8. I kinda feel bad i did that now… Is there any way for me, and others like me, to gain these crystals after all?

Edit: perhaps the 1st time completion could be reset on the fights where the crystals were added? Would be a lot of work to re lvl but i’d be fine with that if i could get them that way. Thx


The frequency of seeing Mythic Runes/Scrolls and Superior Shards is still way too high for content levels, with these items still showing up in Chests as low as 35. Please either make evolve and upgrade materials downgradeble or reconfigure the drop rate spread allocation to reduce the frequency of top tier mats when epic and legendary levels are more prized

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Ooh neato, shards. (Not sarcasm, I actually had mentioned not playing skirmishes despite needing shards due to low shards, randomness of shards still meh, but more helps.

  • The cost to speed up Follower missions/crafting has changed from 30 to 20 Gems per hour.

Anybody know what this jazz is about? I swear everything has always been 25 for everything. For Eveline?

Aye, Eveline /20char



Technically you could leave them in your mailbox for 30 days and hope the next update arrives in time :laughing:

The change is a bit more encompassing than just Eveline.

The 25 Gem buyout currently applies to all the Followers except for Eveline, who uses the standard 30 Gems per hour rate for Minions.

Are all the Followers supposed to be on the standard Minion Gems per hour schedule? Don’t personally know but they have been on the flat 25 Gem buyout since 0.34, with the exception of Eveline who shifted to that schedule when the devs changed her to craft relics instead of keys.

The bigger change here ties into an economic mechanic that most players maybe think about once, maybe twice ever briefly.

Why do keys cost so many Gems to buy?

Diamond Keys, as pictured above, cost 720 Gems to insta-buy on demand. That’s ludicrous and I don’t believe there’s a single soul that would say with a straight face (and not be an expert liar) that this is a good deal. But, there is a method to the madness on why keys are priced the way they are.

Keys are priced as a function of time saved by not sending a minion on a mission to open the chest. As noted in the patch note, pre-update, that cost was 30 Gems per hour. A Diamond Chest as a standard requires 24 hours to open. So, the cost of a key to instantly open that chest, saving 24 hours of time to open it is:

(24 hours) * (30 Gems per hour saved) = 720 Gems

The same logic applies to the pricing of all the other key types. This logic also explains why the premium key bundles are so ungodly expensive in the bundle shop, even when discounted as bundles.

With the change from 30 Gems per Hour → 20 Gems per Hour, the Gem cost for all keys have decreased by 33%. Diamond keys are now valued at 480 Gems, instead of 720. This change required the devs to revalue all the premium key bundles in the shop, which were broadly recorded in this patch note (emphasis added):

This reduced pricing was also required to be applied to minions for consistency purposes, as their mission buyout prices are based on the Gem pricing of keys, less that minion’s speed discount and the time remaining on the assigned mission.

All in all, the changes were likely made to because the devs are seeking to further encourage players to either buy keys or buyout missions with premium currencies . Big gem buyout costs scare players. With a reduction in buyout costs, the devs are probably watching to see how many players decide to occasionally buyout a minion mission, where they had not done so previously.

Granted it’s only been a single day since the change, but I agree that the rate of Mythic runes/scrolls is still way too high. I half think that the change might have made the situation even worse on these evolution materials, as I’ve seen tons of Legendary/Mythic evolution scrolls/runes pour out of these new chests sometimes clogging them up entirely. Need to open more chests, but that’s at least my initial impression.

Follower Crystals - Side Quest Rewards Pre Vs. Post Patch

This crystal thing is a pretty big issue for me too. It is an excellent idea to give people the ability to get many followers to legendary just by playing through all the different heros.

  1. I now have all 5 heros having completed all of the chapter 14 sidequests (at least those with crystals if not all).
  2. I started playing PQ3 about 6 months ago, so after the 0.35 update. I have therefore missed out on the extra crystals if I started the early access earlier or the crystals newer players will get.

Part of my playstyle is that I have prioritized getting follower crystals whilst playing the game above anything else. Because of this I have managed to get 55 follower crystals from Wooden Marks, Daily Challenges, The Shop and Chests (I think 3 from chests). This is sort of ok and i have managed to get a couple of followers to legendary. I have done over 300 Ruins of Morsauloth Dungeons to try to get Northelm Crystals but have never got one from a chest. Also with the recent shop price reduction to 300 gems and 3x a week instead of 1x helps get crystals.

My PROBLEM! Out of these 55 crystals in 6 months only 1 has been for Northelm, JUST 1!. This means I am still stuck with an inventory size of 120 and I still need 4 crystals to upgrade Northelm. This is why I currently I generally only play the Events/Verses/Daily Challenges because I have no inventory space for new gear. And furthermore, getting Northelm (or any other) to Mythic just seems like a dream.

To have any hope of getting followers to mythic (and it feels like getting Northelm to legendary) I would very much like those crystals I have missed out on.


  1. Mail out the crystals to people who missed out. I realise this could be tricky to work out who to compensate but i think it would be the best solution.
  2. I would even start new heros and do the whole story/sidequests again if I was able to pick up the crystal/s I missed out on.
  3. Anyone?

EDIT: I forgot to say the 55 crystals doesn’t include Evelyn’s crystals as I’m not sure how many came from marks, shop, story etc

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