Quality of Life Adjustments

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@Jeto Seriously, no chance of answering this question?

Hello all,

In regards to Follower Crystals, I should have been more specific but I had mentioned at this stage there are no plans for further mail to be sent out in relation to these QOL changes. If this changes then we will share it in this thread.

Please note, while we actively checking the forms we do rotate between who is active day to day while working on other tasks. As well as at times gathering more information before we can update a thread.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

:frowning: but thank you for the communication

At least that makes the position clear and it wasn’t just overlooked.

That choice totally sucks for existing players who had already ground out 5 classes fully.

Just trying to find the extra 5 follower specific crystals to evolve from Epic to Legendary took a solid 6 months of daily play until I got lucky enough for my first (not Eveline) follower to Legendary, then a gradual drip feed over more months as others finally found their 20th crystal. Some are still stuck on Epic because RNG hasn’t favoured them.

Any chance of someone rotating into this thread that will respond to a pretty reasonable question, now thrice-asked: Will you provide a chapter by chapter list confirming which sidequests now have follower crystals?

It certainly does suck. Because of the RNG it is very likely new players will end up with certain legendary followers before some players who have been playing for many months. I’ve managed to get 3 followers (besides Evelyn) to legendary but that has cost me a wheelbarrow full of gems to do. Definitely 10K + gems and I’ve been at the mercy of the RNG as to which one I get. (If the RNG stays the same it’s going to be late in 2022 before I get Northelm to Legendary) Not necessary a mail out but I still wish I could do something in game to get my missing specific follower crystals which are now given out in side quests.

This is important reference information. Players ask in game chat and on discord which chapters give crystals and the older/helpful players need this info to help them.

It would be great if there was a way to “repeat” a hero run/sidequests that provided updated rewards
So they are there for older players if you want to go and repeat existing content

Worth considering as any future changes/adjustments could be handled in the same way = repeatable content for players once they have completed everything
Right now, once you have completed the quest for each hero - there are only daily tasks/events/PvP and aiming for long term “goals”
Adding something new in might be a very welcome addition, while we wait for Seasons “Coming SoonTM” (which appear to have a planned repeat option)

Edit: Perhaps worth adding that since the XP nerf, end game progress is basically halted, so having any small task to regain some sort of feeling of progress would be an additional benefit
(Not to mention that every 3 months or so, you could just make a minor adjustment to the quest rewards and reopen this task for end gamers, while for newer players the increase rewards could just stack up over time, waiting to tempt them back, or not)

Following up on this, the change might be a net wash at best, possible net loss more realistically?

More valuable chest types became more common, but most of the content of those chests are Mythic scrolls and runes wiping out potential QoL gains from the change. Not uncommon to see 3 or more Mythic rune/scroll drops out of a high level ruby/diamond chests.


Imbalance in rarity of evolution drops, as others have said, is fairly obvious to see.

EDIT: An example Ruby Chest from this morning after making this post last night:

From left to right:

1 Mythic Dark Sctoll
1 Legendary Light Scroll
1 Mythic Fire Rune
1 Mythic Light Scroll
1 Rare Dark Element Warlord’s Armguards, level 1

Does this take into account that we can actually use Epic runes (compared to legendary and especially Mythic ones)?

And also, do higher level evolves require more runes? e.g. does mythic 45-50 need runes at each level, like it does for glyphs?

(I’m pretty gun-shy about the upgrade menus after my recent upgrade disaster)

Had been waiting to hear back from the team with

  1. If they were set for specific Quests
  2. If it was partially RNG with how often “every second or more” occurred

And they are set;

  • Eveline: Chapters 1,3,5,8 (from 7 side quests)
  • Toragon: Chapters 2,4,6,8 (from 7 side quests)
  • Northelm: Chapters 3,6,8,12 (from 7 side quests)
  • Brie: Chapters 4,6,8,11 (from 7 side quests)
  • Adhakus: Chapters 5,7,12,15 (from 7 side quests)
  • Auri: Chapters 10,13,15 (from 5 side quests)
  • Gong: Chapters 7,9,11 (from 5 side quests)
  • Gemka: Chapters 9,11,14 (from 5 side quests)
  • Xione: Chapters 9,11,13 (from 5 side quests)
  • Soulchaser: Chapters 10,12,15 (from 5 side quests)
  • Mutiny: Chapters 11,13,15 (from 5 side quests)
  • Grungli: Chapters 12,14,15 (from 4 side quests)
  • Jocea: Chapters 13,14,15 (from 3 side quests)
  • Elyra: Chapters 14,15 (from 2 side quests)
  • Darkhunter: Chapter 15 (from 1 side quests)

Thank you for confirming.

You are correct in noting the the number of Epic runes being lower is because some of them have been used in various combines for Epic gear.

To extend that logic, Green runes of all rarities are the lowest numbered because of maining a Shaman, where some quantities of Legendary and Mythic gear have been crafted. Quantities of other colored runes for Legendary and Mythic are untouched.

No. Epics require 3 runes/scolls, Legendaries 4, Mythics 4.

After ascending to Mythic, leveling anything 46-50 requires glyphs for each level. No additional runes/scrolls are used.

As Sibellos pointed out earlier, all chests 35+ heavily bias their drops towards mythic runes/scolls and superior shards. Because mythic runes/scrolls are used so incredibly rarely, their common drops out of almost every chests were already grumbled upon. Drops of Epic and Legendary runes/scrolls do occur, but much more rarely. With the latest QoL changes, rune/scroll drops are now much more likely to appear. While this change could be appreciated for a new player leveling to 50 for the first time needing the appropriate evolution materials for their first set of gear, this change is taking away the majority of drops out of very high level (Difficulty-tier) chests and is awarding Mythic runes/scrolls like candy.

EDIT: Added an example chest drop to my previous post.

Thanks for the details

So our concern is that the current drop rates provide an excess of Mythic Runes/Scrolls

There is no way in the current game modes to use them at the rate they are acquired
The abundance of them takes up chest reward slots that could otherwise be providing gear

So a slight tweak to the drop rates of chests L35+ could be one solution

Or just make all runes/scrolls downgradeable /end.

This is a bad choice @Jeto and i hope you will pass this feedback along. Supposedly these are “Quality of Life” changes. While the QoL of those who havent even played the game or just started will be improved, those who started around launch have had their quality of life experience diminished. These are the very players who embraced the game and provided the gameplay and feedback that likely led to these changes. Why should they be penalized? If the developer can determine who has completed chapter 15 for purposes of sending out shields, certainly they can do the same thing for the extra 5 crystals from each of the followers that have been increased. As @Avenger says and the chart below shows, anyone starting the game now has a direct path to Legendary Adhakus, Northelm, Toragon, and Brie. Anyone that embraced the game at launch and has continually done playthroughs is now subject to RNG which could take months.

I have a number of my kingdom mates in this situation who joined at launch, have really dived into the game and provided great tips and feedback here on the forums and their reward is a progression penalty because they started the game too soon. Please consider fixing this; its the right thing to do.

Also here’s a blast from the past where I proposed the fact that follower crystals for most of the same followers should be changed because of the very reason I suspect they are being changed now (an earlier Auri crystal is the main thing missing in this QoL change). I guess better late than never:


I am not a big spender, but I do like to support the games I play via regularly purchasing quest passes (or whatever the game chooses to call them). However, I will play full f2p as I no longer trust that the devs will treat those who have spent time (and money) the same way they do newcomers—I can only assume that they think people that are more invested are less likely to walk. Positively, going ftp will make it easier to walk if I do not like the direction of game .

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Looking at this, someone starting now can get all those first important followers to legendary with just regular play. A legend Nort as soon as chap12! Is there rly no way for us to get the same crystals somehow? By mail? Or I’d re lvl all my heroes if that’d help? Like, could the 1st time completion bonus be added again just in the fights where the crystals were added? That sounds fair? It would be a ton of work but atleast be farmable, like the shards are. Just an idea.
While i feel the change was targetted to players like me? It missed me completely since I had my 5 heros in chap 8 allrdy and i missed every one of the new crystals.
I’ve been playing for about 6 or 7 weeks now, loving the game, using vip and quest pass, but i feel rly bad about this.
My friend, who i showed the game, ftp, will have a legend Nort and Adhak, and i have no idea if i ever will, could be many many months. Feels so wrong imo.


The developers of this game need to figure out fairly quickly how much they value time and loyalty of its player base.

This issue is important and I do not want to see it go unaddressed. So I just want to remind that in the spirit of fairness there should be something done here. Please don’t ignore this.


Not only are we all unpaid beta testers but OG EA’s actually discriminated against newer players who may or may not spend money in this game, nice.