A Player's Guide to v0.35

This update is incredibly overwhelming, and the patch notes are excellently written and fully lay out the reasoning for the changes, but they don’t explain everything, and are very long, and I felt the need to recontextualize the patch notes in my own words.

This thread is meant to be succinct, objective, and thorough, but also brief. Please view the official Patch Notes to learn more insights on WHY a change occurred and the developers reasoning. These changes are sweeping and major (keep in mind this is Early Access) and your feedback is VERY important. If people don’t like certain changes, they can be reverted or improved.

Follower Changes

  • Levelling followers is now much cheaper (it now costs about a third as much food as before).
  • Followers now Evolve (and enhance their abilities) 5 levels earlier.
    • This happens at 5/15/25/35/45 instead of 10/20/30/40/50
  • Followers now cost WAY less Food to upgrade (something like a third of previous).
  • Brie now produces twice as much Food as previous.
  • Adhakus now produces twice as much Ore as previous.
  • 15 new currencies, known as Crystals have been added, one for each follower. You can see the amounts of these you have received in your Wallet.
    • Crystals are awarded from the Battle Pass as well as first time completion of Side Quests for each class.
    • Crystals for Evelyn also appear as story Chapter completion rewards.
    • Crystals are used to evolve Followers rather than scrolls.
  • Side Quests now play in order if you have multiple chapters of side quests available.
  • Side Quests no longer provide Gems as a reward. It is unknown if this is a bug.

Currency Changes

  • A total of 80 new currencies have been added and four have been removed.
  • Glyphs have been split into 5 new currencies; Armor Glyphs, Weapon Glyphs, Spell Glyphs, Minion Glyphs, and Accessory Glyphs.
    • Players who had Glyphs previously saved will receive one of each Glyph.
  • Relics have been added.
    • The system where upgrading gear, as well as spells, required duplicates, has been completely removed. It now requires Relics, along with Scrolls.
      • Recall that Scrolls are no longer used to upgrade Followers, only Gold and Crystals.
    • Relics are also used for upgrading Pets. The Relic associated with each pet seems arbitrary.
    • There are 60 different Relics, one per rarity per Dungeon. For example, the Broken Sword is the currency used to upgrade Chapter 1 drops from Uncommon to Rare (upgrading from Common only requires Scrolls).
    • Relics are stated to drop from Dungeon chests but the drop rate is very low right now. They also drop very rarely when salvaging.
    • A future update will add a new means of obtaining Relics.
  • Salvaged gear pieces now drop corresponding shards. For example, Lesser shards now drop when salvaging uncommons, rather than Minor.
    • This economy change was listed under Bug fixes, implying this was a bug rather than an intentional choice.
  • Now that Relics exist, the Rare, Epic, and Legendary Fluxes have been removed.
    • Any players who had Fluxes in their inventory previously will no longer see them in their Wallets.
    • The developers will be compensating players who had Fluxes shortly.
  • Battle Pass and VIP Rewards have changed.
    • Battle Pass now gives Follower Crystals instead of Iron Keys
    • Battle Pass now gives Random Glyphs instead of Rare Fluxes
    • Battle Pass now gives a random Superior Relic instead of Legendary Fluxes
    • VIP Day 50 now gives Follower Crystals instead of Fluxes
    • VIP Day 100 now gives Armor Glyphs instead of Normal Glyphs,

Spell Changes

  • Class spells can now only be equipped by that class.
    • Dungeon spells are considered classless.
    • Class spells are no longer unlocked at specific levels. I received several new class spells immediately when I opened the updated game.
    • Several class spells can now drop from Dungeons. More info on this below.
  • Only one spell of a given type can be equipped at one time.
    • No more using four Blackjacks, or multiple Channels.
    • This, in combination with the addition of Relics, means duplicate copies of spells (even if they’re good, and even of the same rarity) now have no purpose.
    • Hold onto a couple high rarity ones if you get them though, this is Early Access.
  • Xione only crafts spells for the active Hero.
    • To check: is this determined when starting craft or when claiming?

Dungeon Changes

  • Dungeons now drop three different spells rather than two. The third spell which drops is a class-restricted spell for the class you are using to bet the battle.
    • It is unknown if it checks class when you open the chest or when you beat the battle.
  • For example, Chapter 1 now drops the following:
    • Guard’s Broadsword (Weapon)
    • Guard’s Shield, Armor, Pauldron, Gloves, Belt (Gear)
    • Consume Souls (Any class)
    • Channel Poison (Any class)
    • Nightmare Vision (Assassin only)
    • Unseal the Tomb (Necromancer only)
    • Divine Steed (Paladin only)
    • Unknown for Barbarian
    • Nothing for Shaman (bug?)
  • A new difficulty level, Easy, has been added, allowing players to farm a dungeon at a low level.
    • Easy difficulty is tied to the Chapter’s place in the story. Easy mode on Chapter 1 is level 5, Chapter 2 is level 9, etc.
    • For some reason Easy and Normal mode on Chapter 15 is now Level 51 instead of 50.
    • Normal Difficulty is still tied to hero level for most Dungeons.
    • Difficulty 1-10 is the same as before.
  • Dungeon Tickets now drop Dungeon Chests.
  • First time completions of Dungeons (in Story mode) now drop Dungeon chests.

UI Changes

  • Added 80 new currencies to the Wallet menu.
    • 60 new Relics, 15 new Crystals, and 5 new Glyphs.
  • Added helpful tips to the loading screen.
  • The UI for leveling and evolving gear has been reworked. It is now easier to upgrade by several levels at a time, and to preview costs.
  • Added a Hero display to certain UIs. This displays your current Hero level, as well as the number of open chest slots.
  • Added a “Set as Main Hero” button to the hero selection screen. This chooses what hero and level displays to others.
  • Added a chapter display to side quests.
  • You can now sort gear and spells by date (presumably the date the item was received).
  • You can now salvage a chest that a Minion is opening if there is already a mission ongoing.

Balance Changes

  • Some spells have had bug fixes or balance changes.
    • Smite has been nerfed from creating 2/6/9/13/??/20 Gems to 2/3/4/5/6/7 Gems.
    • Burning Fury now applies bonus damage correctly.
    • Lightning Bolt now has a chance to destroy three columns; this ability previously never triggered.
  • Several gear pieces have had bug fixes or balance changes.
    • Dragon Helm now counts mana correctly.
    • Starting mana bonuses on gear and weapons should now work.
    • Warden’s Mantle now properly reflects damage.
    • Dwarven Gloves now properly give their critical boost.

Edit Notes
I will be notating any changes made to this post here.

Edit Notes

EDIT 1: Added the following line from the original patch notes.

  • A future update will add a new means of obtaining Relics.

EDIT 2: Added edit notes section. Added the following line.

  • You can now salvage a chest that a Minion is opening if there is already a mission ongoing.

EDIT 3: Added the following line.

  • Relics are also used for upgrading Pets. The Relic associated with each pet seems arbitrary.