How do Chests work?

What do we know about chest loot logic? Is there a benefit to getting higher level chests? What is the difference between chests of different rarities? Are there only certain chest rarities or certain chest levels that provide spells? What levels of chest provide different types of shards? Why do chests acquired from completing a dungeon normally include info about what dungeon they’re from in the UI when you stash them, but chests that come from dungeon tickets don’t have that info?

A lot of questions need to be answered and I’d like to form a thread where we can discuss them and share information.


Seems like 1 extra drop per rarity of chest as well as amount and rarity chance being higher.

I gotten them as low as gold, possibly even iron. Seems like anything iron+ can.

Higher level chests can still give lower shards. Lower chests just have a more concentrated drop table since they dont drop the higher stuff. So if wanting something like uncommon and rare scrolls, would want a lower chest, epic and legend scrolls mid level chests, and mythic high level chests.

Bug, they are supposed to drop dungeon chests, but currently don’t.

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Thanks for your reply?

Do we have any info on the general drop rates, like how many chests it’ll take on average to get a desired gear piece or spell from a dungeon?

Is there any way to get lower and mid level chests if we have completed the story (other than creating a new hero)?
Confused on how to farm epic scrolls efficiently.

Skirmishes on normal.

Uncommon+ Hunter.

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Is there a significant difference between, say, a Level 9 Diamond Chest and a Level 99 Diamond Chest?

I’m wondering because while playing matches on other characters I’m getting high rarity, low-level chests, and I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to open them in hopes of getting rare-quality Spells and Gear.

I think level of chest affect the quantity of consumables.

Is that it? Are chances for higher quality gear higher or still the same?

Nobody can answer this without millions of testing. That’s how pseudo-random number and probability theory works.

Unless devs decided to public the actual possibility like GOW does.

I think my question is more “have people gotten rare and epic spells from low level chests, or only high level ones?”

oh, forgot that, sorry.
Yes, chests above a certain level have larger consumable drop table. Low level chest will never drop a high-rank shards or evolve mats.

I did get rare items from low lvl chests

I’ve gotten rares (armors, and spells at least) from low level chests. Weirdly, except for one piece of armor and some minions, I’ve not gotten anything exciting yet from a diamond chest. So my spidey senses think rarirty is indeed just more pulls from the bag, not automatically “better” pulls.

I couldn’t say for sure about level of chests. Anecdotally, for me, it does seem like the frequency of rares has been increasing as my chest levels have increased.

I made a summary about chest.

All chests drop gold, which won’t occupy a drop slot.

Chest Tier
Wooden chest has 2 drop slots, and drop table is limited to consumables(resources, shards).
Iron chest has 3 drop slots, and drop table is larger, but won’t drop evolve materials(scrolls, runes). You can get gears, spells and minions from this chest tier.
Gold chest has 4 drop slots, and its drop table includes everything. Ruby chest has 5 drop slots, and Diamond chest has 6.
Most chests have two conditions: no change, OR reduce drop number by 1 for extra quantity of consumables or possibility of better loot.

Level of chest
Level determines the maximum quantity of consumables in each slot.
Some items (high tier shards and evolve materials, items with higher rarity) has a level requirement. They won’t be added into drop table if chest level is not enough.

Does anyone know whether chest level affects odds of the rarity of gear you get? If you’re farming for, say, a Bone Ring or a Rare Channel Darkness, is it better to do high difficulty runs, or do lower difficulty runs with a higher success rate?

@EliteMasterEric I have been interested in this as well since I cannot seem to correlate chest to item rarity with any consistency

I think chest level won’t affect rarity of gear drop.

If it will, why we get so many common stuff from lvl 100 diamond chests?

I don’t think there is a hard gate (or perhaps the gate is at really low level), as i have gotten rares from lower level chests. But as I level up I seem to get more rare or epic gear in general. In my experience, the level of the chest seems to matter more than the rarity in terms of gear rarity, other than wooden chests. Chest rarity just seems to affect how many pulls you get from the “loot bag.”

Yes, this has been perplexing me as well. I have been intermittently running 100s and 50s, switching back and forth to test. What stands out to me is that when it comes to Wooden Chests, occassionally I get a huge yield on like ore or food (over 200 food a few times) but for the most part my Level 100 wooden chests have yielded the same-ish range of consumables as the Level 50 chests. In terms of gear I have gotten rares from both 50s and 100s and the difference doesn’t seem to be huge but I keep thinking about the food/ore yields in those 100 chests and it feels like it was the result of a % chance to get a higher “rarity” yield and that definitely is more common in the 100 chests. So perhaps there is a baseline loot yield and the higher chests give a slightly higher % check on each item being a higher rarity or quality.