Quality of Life: Chests

If chests are not class specific, I would like to see chests that are purchased using dungeon tokens to default to the level of your highest hero. If chests are currently class specific then you can disregard this as it would hinder that. Otherwise I am hard pressed to see where you would want a x<50 chest because you accidentally purchased one while grinding a lowbie. It also saves time on menu changing and character switching if you are grinding tokens on a lowbie.

So I like the overall idea, the issue may be complexity of coding.

The way purchased chests currently work is the chest level is determined by the highest enemy level defeated per character.

It would be nice if it defaulted to just highest enemy level defeated across all characters

There actually is a potential use for lower level chests that I needed. The lower level chests are more likely to contain the lower level shards that I’m constantly low on like minion shards. That being said, it would be nice to have the setting to either default to highest level character or the level of the character being used.

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That I feel 100%. I am hoping for a way to upgrade or downgrade shards. It would be nice to use a higher level shard if I am short on a lower level

Agreed. I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating that this distribution is bad given how level locked they have made shards:

Obviously part of the issue is that I don’t have sufficient legendaries to utilize Superior Shards on but that situation could exist in perpetuity depending on prevelant upgrade materials are. Allowing higher level shards to used on on lower level tiers would be one solution. Eliminating the 5 tiers and just having one armor shard that drops in varying amounts based on level of course would be the more elegant solution (imo).

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I was thinking of some upgrade/downgrade system for shards something like 1 higher would downgrade to 2 or 3 lower ones. it isnt designed to be super beneficial to the player or be super worth while, but someting to help even out the shard distribution balance.

or for upgrade, 10 lower ones is 1 bigger one. so 10 minor for a lesser or 10 lesser for a Greater, so on. again. the idea is mostly not to throw the current shard economy completely out of balance.

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It would just be nice in cases where you are two shards short…which could be a few days to get the right shard