Weapon/armor/spell/accessory/minion Shard and key upgrades

Would be nice to be able to transform the minor shards Into Lesser shards and so on.
The amount of Lesser shards that drop from chests is quite low and it make sit very hard to progress after some time. Having the possibility to upgrade these shards would be really neat.
Could go same for keys, say up to gold key and then increase amount of gold keys needed for ruby chests.


Yes, why can’t these items be rolled into higher items the same way that Dungeon Marks are?
(trick question, the answer is clearly no reason)

I have dozens of wood keys I don’t need which would be more useful as iron keys, and by extension, iron keys that would serve better as gold keys…

Seen this asked a couple times, but this feature already exists in the game since 0.35.

Just upgrade something a few times before scrapping it. This is mostly viable for converting the lower 2 tiers, but it allows tier 1s to go straight to tier 4s.

The only issue it has is it leaves an excess of tier 3s, meaning it would almost never be used in any situation other than to obtain tier 4s.


Uh, I mean, I guess that’s an interesting work around, but that seems more like trying to put lipstick on a pig. Would be nice/better if they just mean this transition more direct. :confused:


I can see how you can sorta transform minor into lesser this way but I fail to see how you get greater shards? It would require a ton of shards to upgrade from lesser to greater. This isn’t really a viable strategy past tier 2.

It only works for tier 3s and 4s, since return is way too bad at tier 1 and 2. Forget exactly where the conversion rate is since I have 1,000s of all shards and don’t normally do it, but believe it was around 4 and 8 or so when the number of tier 3s and 4s increases by an additional 1.

It would only be done to rares for tier 3s and epics for tier 4s as anything higher should be kept and anything lower is just scrapped at level 1.

I completely agree. The other method is a poor workaround for a feature that doesn’t exist. Workarounds are something that have to be used because there is not an intentionally designed solution (I tell my coworkers this all the time).

The workaround usually has you leveling an item up to level 3 or 5. Level 3 costs 10 minor shards. Level 5 costs 28. The rarity of shards you get in return are based on the rarity of the item you’re salvaging. Each bump (level 3/5) give you 1 or 2 more shards in return.

I used to think that implementing a trading feature for shards was the best solution. I still think it is way, way better than what we have now, but I’m actually in favor of another idea that’s been getting kicked around – get rid of shard rarities entirely. You don’t need shard rarities, just shard types (weapon, armor, accessory, etc). Scale the cost of higher levels to require more shards. It’s an instant fix to the very annoying problem of having so many different shard categories and not being able to target any of them.

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Or just make them downgradeable automatically without even a trading system. Unfortunately I doubt that the shard varieties will be lessened even though I agree on principle.

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This is the universe I want to live in! Just one tier of all shards and a clear way of knowing your total upgrade potential. Don’t see it happening because clear does not seem to be a design goal. :eyes:

But this would be the most user friendly way to do it and it would also be the most friendly for the devs working on balancing the economy. One variable is always easier than 6, for everyone.


Well, the same you get the chest shards things from dungeons that you can upgrade from wooden all the way to diamond, i think this could be done as well :confused: shouldnt be too hard to add to the menu, if they want to of course xD


+1 for hoping we can get something better than what we have now.

While technically there are ways to convert shards up - invest lower rarity shards into higher rarity items for the first however many levels then scrap the item - it is a slow clunky process with a pretty awful exchange rate. I think much of the value is lost by seeing upgrading the item as something of value, where in reality we are doing it solely to get more of higher grade shards and to use up common ones we have advanced beyond.

It doesn’t address the issue of wanting to convert materials down to lower rarities.

But overall we have way way too many different currencies.
5 rarities of shard, 5 types of shard.
Runes for some, scrolls for others, again by rarity but then divided further by colour.
Evolve materials from 15 dungeons each with 4 grades of material, needing multiples.
and I forgot glyphs, since they don’t seem to exist in the game outside of shop offers.

It just doesn’t need this level of complexity.


Hey everyone!

Thank you for the feedback on the in-game resources and ideas on how to make some of the rarer ones more obtainable.

I’ve sent these suggestions through to the Dev Team for consideration.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Agree with those suggesting ditching the shard tiers. Trying to hunt/upgrade/win specific relics feels kind of meaningful, whereas playing a lower character or trawling through the shop trying to get shards for levels 5-25 just feels like a frustrating chore (and not one that predisposes me towards buying in game currency!).

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I’ve personally never had much of an issue with the tiered shards.

Asides from pet shards, I have perpetually had 1,000s of every tiered shard since the 1st month of the game and never ran out of any particular category of shard for equipment.

Changes in the most recent patch made it easier than ever to target tiered shards without going out of the way of the normal gameplay loop.

Tier 1s: Shard bundles, daily shop, level 1 salvages.
Tier 2s: Shard bundles, daily shop, level 1 salvages.
Tier 3s: Guild Ore Offer, daily shop, level 4 salvages on rares, level 100 chests.
Tier 4s: Guild Ore Offer, daily shop, level 4-8+ salvages on epics, level 100 chests.
Tier 5s: Daily Shop, Level 100 chests.

I personally like the tiered shard system as it gives incentive to interreact with every way that gives shards rather than just farming the most viable method.

Also, despite only ever opening level 100 chests since 2 weeks into the game, I have never had an issue with tier 1s or 2s running out, asides from pets back when they consumed more tier 1s than they do now, but have never ran out since they changed it to 28 tier 1s for level 5.

I cannot relate to what you are saying at all…
I play a ton and mostly open level 100 chests. I do all events, challenges, and PVP. I have 7 chests running nearly around the clock… almost exclusively Diamond chests with some Ruby sprinkled in and an occasional Gold if I’m trying to time things right.

I have no stock of weapon shards whatsoever and a slight stock of the others only because I’m saving them for the off chance of a Legendary. But, I have around 10-15 weapons, armor, and accessories each that I want to take up and they are still sitting at level 1. Sometimes it takes me 1-2 weeks to bank enough shards to get 1 item up to level 25 (weapons are the worst). Getting to 35 takes longer. Getting to 45, well, you have to get a legendary first. Armor seems to be the easiest to get for me. I can usually get a new item up to level 25 in just a couple days.

Is it possible that you banked all your shards at a time when shards were flowing better than they are now and now since you have so much high gear you just don’t need to spend shards often… and when you do, it doesn’t matter because you have a huge stockpile of them? I’m not sure if playing more helps or hurts the issue. I play a ton and open a ton of chests. This gives me more loot (possible shards) from chests, but it also gives me more weapons, armor, accessories, and spells that I then need to level. I have way, way, way more things to level than I have shards. It’s not even close.

I also have a significant resource shortage issue and agree weapons are the worst

My guess is Tacet’s VIP subscription is helping significantly, over time, to accumulate a pile of resources - ironically the thing that makes longer term VIP less rewarding as he points out here (Issue unaddressed to date)