45 Days Later ... Relic drop rates are absurdly low regardless what happens in 0.36

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My issue has always been more so with the glyphs than the relics/flux. The low relic amount in chests definitely need adjusting, and hopefully the new thing in 0.36 makes obtaining relics barrable, but changes made in 0.35 essentially dashes any chances of making a level 50 anything.

0.35 changed the glyphs needed to max a weapon from legend to level 50 mythic from 4 to 14 (4 to ascend then 2 per level).

For that cost to be viable, 0.36 would have to essentially drop a glyph every single day, as assuming all 5 are weighted evenly it would take 70 days for 1 max mythic anything at a rate of about 1 glyph per day. The problem is I have a feeling the glyph rate will be waaaay less than 1 per day.

Lets say it gives 1 glyph per week (which there is a chance it wouldn’t even do that). Assuming all 5 are weighted evenly (which based on shop prices they probably aren’t), it would come out to 490 DAYS for 1 maxed mythic if 0.36 gives an average of 1 glyph per week.

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Of course it will be.

Look at the changes that were made in 0.35 as the partial implementation of the Relic system.

The VIP Pass yields 2 Armor Relics for every 100 paid days of VIP status.
The Campaign Pass yields 2 random typed Relics as a Tier 29 prize. 1 random Mythic Relic is rewarded as the Tier 30 prize.

Evolving things to Legendary and Mythic is going to be a glacially slow process by design.

My stab in the dark is that it will be 1 random glyph per Event duration (which we don’t know what that is yet) at the max guild prize tier. It may be weekly, like GoW, or it may be longer in PQ3.

To me, Mythic gear is going to be the equivalent of Level 20 kingdoms in GoW. It’s going to be a very long-term goal.

The changes drew definitive lines in the sand for the expectations towards gear leveling.

  • The soft cap on gear is at Epic 35 for casual players who won’t ever chase Glyphs.

  • Mid-tier players will collect a moderate stream of Glyphs over time, sufficient to pay the two Glyph toll to reach Legendary 45.

  • Invested players may save up Glyphs and choose to upgrade key or favorite pieces over time to Mythic 45. The cost is very high, but the doubling of desirable Attributes from +4 to +8 with Mythic ascension can be worth it… on the right pieces.

Beyond that, only the most hardcore players with very deep pockets should ever even think about leveling past Mythic 45. The return on each level past 45 is so incredibly poor, that the only possible reason to do so might be if there is some competitive event (like Guild Wars in GoW) where every single stat point matters and someone wants to be that person just to be on top of that competitive leaderboard. The only possible valid edge case would be for a player’s first 50 weapon. But even then, the marginal damage upgrades are never worth it. That said, going from 299 damage at Mythic 45 to 332 damage at Mythic 50 is too small to significantly matter.

The game’s power creep model is going to be through the release of future Chapters and new sets of Gear and Spells. That is going to further discourage long-term investing in a single set of gear, unless the synergy of collected pieces is that good. Even then, the devs are surely going to create gear combinations that are going to encourage players to chase whatever the shininess of whatever the meta will become when new gear and spells sets are released. And the cycle will repeat anew, over and over.

Quick Update: I have now completed 1000 dungeon runs post 0.35 (~85% between 70-75, the rest level 100), opening every chest but wooden along the way (either through keys or minions), although i might have salvaged a few iron chests if I’m honest. For my efforts I have 1x Iron Nails. So assuming that Relics only appear in Gold+ chests (which means your chance of even having an eligible chest from a dungeon run are 31%), my “calculated” drop rate from eligible chests is about 0.3%, from all chests (i.e. Dungeon completion) is about 0.1%. Small chance indeed!


Here’s hoping there’s no regrets with this statement :thinking:

Or what? You’ll get angry? Or worse?

It’s one thing to be highly passionate about a topic. It’s totally another thing to imply a threat to the devs about said topic. The emoji in your post does not help matters here, either.

Your post is is an example of why Salty and the other devs have an standard operating policy of not providing broad timetables about when updates are planned to be released to the community. You’re burning the goodwill bridge that Salty built with the post you are quoting to the ground for the PQ3 community.

Please don’t salt the earth here before the game is even formally released.

Wow. I call attention to something you yourself acknowledge is a practice they tend to avoid (this has been said repeatedly), so I think it’s fair to bring attention to the comment and state the obvious; the fact that there was a timetable given is something that I’m sure they hope they can meet or yet again they will regret making such a statement. The fact that you come on here and imply that I’m making threats is just once again evidence of your wish to make me out to be some sort of menace.

Thanks for trying though.

P.S. @Salty - Feel free to address this issue and the apparent threats that @Lyrian has tried to imply that I am making. I’m really tired of this personal campaign that he is waging against me for simply calling out a statement that you yourself have said that you don’t like making. There is nothing sinister about calling attention to the communications shared on this forum. You chose to make it. I am simply reminding people that it was made. It’s called accountability, not threats.

Do you not understand what you are doing?

Leaving out the “or else…” part of the a threat does not make it any less of a threat. You, nor me, nor any normal user on this forum has the power to hold Salty or any of the devs “accountable” for anything.

I completely cannot comprehend what explicit or implicit authority you could possibly have over the development team to make such statements to be able to enforce accountability over them.

At this point, I’m petitioning @Salty , @Cyrup , or @Jeto to perma-lock this thread. There’s literally zero productive value this thread could possibly have anymore.

The authority I have is that of user of a product that the makers’ of said product want me and others to continue using. If the makers of a product continually overpromise and underdeliver, the player base can choose to stop accepting what they say as being reliable and choose to migrate to a different product. I am not beholden to you about continuing to hold product makers accountable for their statements. The fact that you view this relationship as one of compulsory fandom is your choice.

Also, you literally have an entire community of players who have been repeating this time frame given here in game chat for weeks now. Do you think that there will not be repercussions in terms of player reaction if they don’t deliver the update? Stop trying to trap me into some sort of “gotcha” threat to make yourself out to be some sort of forum hero and look at what the actual playerbase is saying.

Finally, the main thrust of this thread has been for my part about the paucity of drop rates of Relics/Glyphs and the misleading information that was disseminated about introduction/changes to these items per the patch notes. It’s been acknowledged since that the “sytem” that was introduced was a partial implementation that left core elements of the game essentially unplayable and that communication about this was poor. Furthermore, it has been two months in which the game has remained in this state. Within this thread a communication about this issue and the timeline was brought up by the Community Manager.

YOU @Lyrian have been the individual on this thread who has made it personal, unproductive, and quite frankly acrimonious. Every time I do my best to continually respond to your implications with facts and you continue to make insinuations like you have some sort of school yard grudge.

I think these folks are lucky that you are not an actual community manager given your behavior. But should you prevail, I guess it would be because of some relationship you have with the community personnel since nothing here would merit it other than your consistent efforts to create a fire where there is none.

Yes, everyone is hungry for some sort of major update to arrive. That is indisputable.

To pass judgment on an early access game that everyone knows is incomplete? That’s unreasonable.

In last week’s mini-update, Salty stated that part of 0.36 was going to include a dungeon rework, which was not previously mentioned to be in the update. This was something that you, personally, have been championing in this very thread since it’s beginning. Would you rather them potentially rush out this update and possibly screw up the dungeon rework just because they had to commit to some vague statement Salty made multiple weeks ago?

And what would happen if exactly that just happened? Would you make another thread demanding accountability from the devs because the rework was rushed/wasn’t ready to make an arbitrary timetable?

The active daily player base has gone down by over 50% the last month, almost entirely because of changes in version 0.35.

Some portion of them will never be back.

It was one of the most dysfunctional patches I have ever seen in any game. It essentially removed (at least temporarily) multiple systems from the game for nearly 2 months.

Some of these include the entirely of the ascending system, any reasonable use for food aside from in guild wars for the only limited resource they can be used on each day, any reasonable use for gold since things prior that sunk gold are nonexistent in 0.35, any way to reasonably get progress towards upgrading followers as the current time to max in this patch is longer than the system they had prior (was 2 years before and is 3 years in the current state of 0.35), a mana bug that makes anyone with a % mana start that doesn’t have a bone ring essentially be stuck in a near unplayable state, among a few other detrimental things that have been unchecked for 2 months.

There is also a concern that 0.36 will address very little of the issues, or leave many of the issues in the game for yet another 2+ months.

On the topic itself of relics, I likely have one of the biggest top 10 resource piles in the entire game, yet am still at only 25% of the way to ascending 1 item in 2 months. Prior to the patch, it was around 1 per week, normally a rare to epic, but sometimes uncommon to rare.


I guess it’s better that you are insinuating about my future postings instead of insinuating that I’m making threats. I’m not into reading tea leaves. For myself, I will continue to evaluate game content that actually exists and provide comment about such rather than constantly make assumptions about what someone else is thinking, saying, or will do in the future. Given that broad statements are made all the time about upcoming content, I have no view as to what I’m going to say about something about which virtually no information is currently available.

Perhaps. Some of these things have already been said to be fixed with the update. Others, are yet to be seen.

0.36 very well may completely rewrite a whole bunch of core game mechanics again. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point the game adopts GoW’s starting mana mechanic (only the single strongest source applies) to address Turn 0 PvP wins and Turn 1 PvE looping. I severely doubt the devs are going to allow events to be cheesed in the same way level 100 dungeons currently are.

The devs have been doing more prep work behind the scenes for the upcoming update. There was a stealth server push on Friday that made some significant changes to other systems in the game that were not dungeon related. Kind of surprised that no one made a thread commenting on the changes. Personally very curious about the “other shoe to fall” regarding these changes when the update lands.

Since you have all the information, feel free to illuminate the issue. I look forward to the thread.

I’m still waiting on independent verification from Lyranica on the changes I asked her to verify today (to confirm that my findings are not some weird bug that is only affecting me), which should happen tonight, before possibly commenting on the changes I found. However, as I have a certification examination at 8 AM tomorrow morning and then a full work day afterwards, don’t expect any threads from me on the changes anytime soon.

I don’t really follow this. You’ll forgive me if I just can’t keep up with the shifting landscape of your commentary.