1.1.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Season Dungeons now require at least one Dungeon from the Season to be beaten before Loot Tickets can be used on them in the Battles tab of the Season menu.
    • Some players may need to complete the dungeon battle again if they have not beaten it recently.
  • Updated the Game Icon
  • Certain Status Effects now show their total amount in the game UI and help popup, instead of just in the Characters’ summary
  • Hunt chest can now be claimed if storage full
  • A tooltip is now displayed on the base entries of the list of contents in the season cache pop up
  • When going back on the season cache contents list, the position on the previous list of contents is saved and returned to
  • When a stat is capped in battle, the value will appear bold.
  • When leveling up, newly unlocked features are displayed under the “Level Up!” text

  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly tapping another spell straight after another could throw an error if the first spell would kill the enemy
  • Fixed difficulty selection in co-op not allowing all unlocked difficulties to be selected
  • Fixed an issue where effects that happened when a Big Gem was created would trigger when non-Big Gems replaced Big Gems.

  • Hero order is now consistent in the Select Hero menu
  • Collecting an item from the Quest Pass rewards now shows the collected reward
  • Spell Icons now masking correctly in taller aspect ratios than 16:9 (i.e 16:10, 4:3)
  • Tourney Battle score for the battle is now displayed at the end of battle rewards screen.
  • Removed Terror status effect information from the ‘From the Shadows’ spell description as the spell does not inflict ‘Terror’ on enemies.
  • If the chest vault is overflowing when launching the game, you’ll now be prompted to open or salvage the extra chest.

  • Improved some text descriptions being difficult to read against some backgrounds
  • Treasure Gems no longer display a Big Gem level if they replaced a Big Gem
  • Fixed the Gear Score value going over multiple lines if the number was large enough

  • Victory music will now stop playing after battle in Seasons
  • Tourney Scores in the Tourney History calculating incorrectly
    • This will have some oddities to any scores you have for an in-progress Tourney if you’ve already recorded 11 or more battle scores. These are purely visual, and only appear on the Tourney History page. New Tourneys will have accurate score changes from your progress.
  • Rewards details tutorial will no longer trigger every time when selecting ‘rewards’ button on battle info in Daily challenges/Dungeon.
  • Push Notification Text issue
  • Mercenary Hero Select Sound Effects no longer play if the SFX is set to 0
  • Added missing goals for getting gear spells & minions to level 50

  • Some players report no sound since update
  • ‘Gear score’ text overlaps with number when gear score are over 1k
  • An error ‘kingdom name already in use’ message is displayed creating kingdom even through player disbanded the same name kingdom.
  • Gold Dragonette from launch mail can’t be used to open chests
  • Incorrect Account Level on Roster
  • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
  • Saarthi Mercenary drops victory pose when holding Missile Damage weapons
  • Female Necromancer Dark Skin Skirt Stretched
  • A small number of specific Android devices (including some Motorola phones) are not closing correctly using the Quit Button. The Quit button has been removed from these devices until we identify a fix for this issue.

lol, didn’t this happen in GoW too?

This is barely noticeable over a non-bolded value. Can’t a capped stat be shown in different color as well?

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RIP everyone using Dungeon Loot tickets on Season dungeons. No more using Dungeon Loot Tickets for Difficulty X chests.

RIP everyone using force quits for temporary overflow chest slots.

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Or maybe add the word “Capped” in front of the value? This would make it clearer to someone without them having to find out why it’s a different colour.

No, this time it broke in newer and more wonderful ways :rainbow:
Jokes aside, thankfully this happens to super specific motorolla devices on specific android versions which means not many people should be affected.

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Graphic glitch:

After claiming a Season Goal reward, event currency may not display correctly until leaving Season mode and coming back.

Multiplayer crash, occurred on defeating last opponent in match; had to go back and clean up a few opponents after defeating the dungeon boss.

L80 run, Khaldera Crater.

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Was this potentially after someone cast an instant kill spell? Currently looking into this error code in the meantime.

Only party member in the group that would have one would be the Assassin.

Asked that player, and they said they did not have Assassinate loaded up on their spell bar.

@Lyrian if you know what gear your party members had equipped?

Also if it is easier, feel free to shoot through a ticket :sparkles:

The group has disbanded for the night, but the same two players camp us for multiplayer runs daily. I’ll ask them for their loadouts when I likely see them again tomorrow.

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Ok, got the loadouts of the other 2 players:


Night 6 piece set
Royal pants, ring
Guard belt, gloves
Warlord shoulder
Bloodfang shield


Bloodfang twinblade, gloves, boots, shield
Esgaard belt, armor, pauldron
Royal helm, ring
Bone pants, pendant

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So… what are these? Hrmm??? :thinking:


Wondering if these are new Kingdom/Kingdom boss currencies and the graphic was released a bit early…

EDIT: Because of 3 post forum limit,

Have a new multiplayer crash to report:

This one occurred with a low-level pickup of a Paladin, and occurred very early in the run in Ruins of Lunarion.

EDIT 2: Saw this in PvP today.

That is one seriously freaky thin neck.


Jocea’s sidequest line in Chapter 14 is missing a name.

Victory music bug is back in patch 1.3. Victory music will loop whenever you win a daily challenge or event battle