Lightbringer Gearset does not inflict Blind at the rate indicated

I invested resources in trying out the Lightbringer set. After extensive testing i feel confident that the set and pieces are broken.

The set provides two means to blind the enemy.

My gearset is full legendary to increase the chances of inflicting Blind from either source. However, after dozens of matches, i have not inflicted Blind on an enemy once.

EDIT: I have seen an instance now of Blind resulting from the Shield. Given the number of equipped light damage based spells being used I’d expect to have seen more instances of Blind from casting spells.

Passed this one on to the dev team to test/attempt to reproduce and they were able to trigger blind from both the gearset and the shield.

Took a little bit, seeing as the gearset does have a much lower chance in comparison to the Shield!