[Investigating] Possession + lightbringer shield

In house check at ToO we found that combinig the possession helmet + lightbringer shield causes the blind debuff from shield to stack on the player instead of enemy. Could be a possession thing or a helmet thing :thinking: not sure
Im also wearing some Khaz pants giving me reflect so who knows how many times the debuff is bouncing around :yum:

I tested it and had the same result: at some autodamage events of fallen star helm, I got blind debuff myself. I was using the following gear and spells:

@Spacejam can you share a screenshot of your loadout - if possible the one from the battle menu that lists what each item is?

Also, @HigureTheStillWind can you do the same please?

I have a lot of a gear but I don’t recognise everything just by icon just yet :sweat_smile:

Ok J i sent u a couple of shots of the new season red spell too its catagorised as ice mastery :face_with_head_bandage: i think thats prob a mistake

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Here you are:

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Just following up with this as the team is working on reproducing, is this happening against all enemies or only specific ones?
If specific, which ones? Or, if you recall which battles you were in, what the enemies were?

Or if in a Dungeon where there are multiple enemies, that information is helpful too.

When Spacejam asked for confirmation, I just went to the battle most at hand. I believe it was mount gobnocker dungeon and against the first golem enemy. Since I got the issue in the first enemy I battled, I didn’t test more assuming it was a general issue.

I was in azurite hall J but its about being possessed. With possession from the helmet taking life in trade for mana (damaging my health) activates the shield debuff but its landing on me instead of the enemy. I dont think the enemy type matters as the debuff gets stacked on me when the 3 possession effect triggers