[Resolved] Fallen star helm possession not working right after the update

I’ve used this helmet for quite some time now since i pulled it.
Before while possessed you would tick it 3 times before each turn getting 9 mana.
Now it only ticks once giving you 3.

Is this intended or a bug after the update? @Jeto maybe you know?

If it’s not a bug then maybe the description needs to change.

It sounds like this, previously when you took Possessed damage for mana gain, you couldn’t interact with the board until all 3 resolved. They should resolve at once now, but the total should be the same as before?

Are you describing that before you were getting 3x3 for -9 health and now you only get -3?

In the meantime, I’ll pass on that the description needs an update.

I’m going to continue investigating and I’ll let you know. Yes, before it showed the possessed action 3 seperate times giving 3 mana each time. Like it says
However now you only get the 3 mana as possessed only triggers once.
I could be wrong and getting all 3 at once so let me play around some more and I’ll let you know.
Thanks for passing this along. I’ll possibly try and get you some clips.

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That would be greatly helpful, so I can have a look at what is happening.

I have tested it. The damage&mana gain is resolved all at once (which is something we asked for), but we do get all the mana. In the following screenshot you have the first turn and the second. Spells get 9 mana, which correspond to my legendary fallen star helm triggering possessed the stated 3 times:

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I also tested this after i woke up this morning and you are correct.
That seems to be the case which is nice for a quicker battle.
Thanks devs for this fix and looking into it.

Glad to help and beta test for you. :wink:

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Thanks @HigureTheStillWind for your help.

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