[Reported] Possessed does not add mana to ultimate

The effect Possessed does not add mana to the Ultimate spell.

Also, possessed breaks barrier. While I understand that ‘damage’ breaks barrier, it is bad design to have one positive effect erase the ability to use barrier.

Should be easy to reproduce, but I can provide screenshots if needed.

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I totally understand your critics here but from my pov as RPG player I like it. To me barrier is a holy shield to avoid any harm and being possessed is kind of being under an evil influence from inside out so a hero / person / … couldn’t be able to focus on a protective effect anymore :wink:

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Just following up on the details of what is intended with Possessed!

Update: Possessed is not intended to add Mana to Ultimate spells
But it is also not intended to to break Barrier, so I have reported that to the team.

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The description of possessed is

Gain +3 Mana at the start of each turn in exchange for 1% of Current Life.

I’m guessing it only gives mana to normal spells.

Gentle pushback on this explanation…

I really don’t see how this differs from:

  • Dwarven 1 set bonus:
    “If you or the enemy are Burning, spells have a 50/60/70/80/90/100% chance to gain 5 Mana each turn.”
    –This DOES provide ultimate mana.

  • Royal Signet Ring:
    " Gain 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 Mana of each color each turn when facing an Elite"
    –This DOES provide ultimate mana

Whereas, when it is intended to not provide ultimate spell mana it is worded that way:

  • Dragonguard 1 set bonus:
    “Gain 2/4/6/8/10/12 mana for each of your regular spells at the start of battle”
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I did follow this up with one of our senior designers directly as well as Sirrian himself to confirm what is and isn’t intended in how Possessed was designed.

But I can pass that on to the team to look at changing the wording of how Possessed is described, to be more in line with something like Dragonguard!

Thanks @Jeto, I appreciate the follow up.

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