[Reported] Fallen Star Helm - Which is right?

The announcement description of the Fallen Star Helm:

The in-game item:

It may seem like a small change, but when the barrier to gain the item requires considerable resources (time, money, etc.) and then it is not as described it can be a real disappointment. I bought the quest pass premium this season only because of the announced description of the Fallen Star Helm, but when I finally got the helm after opening 18 ultimate caches I was shocked that the effect was different.

Looks like a couple of things

  1. Looks like the full description was chopped or missed in the patch notes. As it just ends with “possessed, double the effects” and not “If I already have Possessed, instantly trigger the Possessed effect 1-4 times.”

  2. The in-game description is missing the colour on the percentage chance. 30% should be displaying in the Spell’s rarity colour. But there is a 10-40% chance to gain Possessed.

Also, after following this up it appears a few other items might be missing this colour indicator from their description in-game too.

I understand the 10-40% part, the color change would of course be welcomed.

The triggering of the effect is long and very annoying to sit through, every turn, 3 or 4 times, each turn. Is there a way this can be programmed so we do not have to sit through the damage animation so many times in a fight?

I can pass that along as feedback for sure!