Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

The frustrating part about this is that the developer(s) clearly have no clue what outcome they want in PvP. After voicing complaints about Starting mana issues (twice! once in EA and then most recently) providing only those players with very specific builds the opportunity to win gem awards, they have basically recreated the “problem” by forcing players to now have a very specific but different build than before in order to win the same gem awards.

It’s really disappointing to have a lot of players provide solid feedback and information for it to result in this outcome.


It must of server jitters. It’s working now.

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It doesnt appear that these “extra rewards” in place of chests are listed in the rewards for each chapter part (I’ve only looked at a few so far so i could be mistaken). It seems the “extra rewards” are random per battle and not just per story chapter completion so perhaps thats why.

Although the Story Cache appears in the overland map:

It does not appear in the rewards screen when viewing the story chapter content and rewards:

On a positive note, pretty fun graphic for the opening of the Cache:

And something you never see in a chest!

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This does not appear to be working. Our raid boss spawned after weekly reset and it is now dead 45 minutes later. No overkill.

Spawned 45 minutes ago.

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And it seems rewards are bugged too–I received silver for 2.86mil.

@Sibelios just clarifying, did it start 45 minutes ago or 1 hour 45mins ago?

Currently haven’t seen affect our dev Kingdom, but once I have some more information from you I can look into it further.

PS. inb4 it’s joked about, but the dev Kingdom has no access to dev cheats haha.

45 minutes ago I believe since the cycle is 22 hours and the next defense in the screen capture is 21h13m away.

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45 minutes ago (now 58), at the correct timing. I opened the KD window and watched the timer goes to 0. We also have a guild member not getting silver reward with 1m+ damage.

Following up to the ended KD!

Overkill is applied to Kingdom Defence battles that were generated on 1.5.5. So this battle that ended quickly was generated on 1.5 prior. Seems this is the transition period between updates.

If the next battle anyone takes part in does not have Overkill, then we have an issue.

This doesnt really make any sense. The KD clearly was after reset and supposedly kingdom features were locked unless you updated so it was a Kingdom Defense that began in 1.5.5.

But, I guess it doesn’t matter and we just have to wait for the next one to see.

EDIT: we were talking about this further and I guess the dragon was “generated” in 1.5 based on when the previous dragon died? :person_shrugging:

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And how about the messed up rewards?

Seeing this has made my day! Caches including relics is a huge improvement for players like me that are struggling to level up gear and spells.

Thanks a lot devs for your work towards making this game even more enjoyable!


On a positive note, I think the flow of story mode is much better now that you can go straight to the next mission, instead of being dropped back to the main screen.
I also think the way rewards are handed out will be much better for newcomers as they won’t be filling up chest slots or needing keys that they don’t have.


More crashes…


Guild Bazaar:


my guild bazaar did that to me tonight to right after reset.

I got the pvp error when I tried to join first time too, soft locked the game.



@Lyrian @Ketaped

Couple questions to clarify:

  • When is this error happening? (Eg. When trying to join pvp)
  • What class of hero were you battling?
  • What type of weapon are you using?

For my set of error codes/crashes (the first two pictures):

1st - (the Resource Error): Inside a PvP match, versus a Necromancer in the Ice-Element Restricted Tourney. Weapon used was an Esgaard Flail.

2nd - (the hard crash): an attempt to start a PvP match, versus a Paladin in the Open Tourney.

It just happened once, when I tried to join the open pvp tournament. I wasn’t battling anyone yet, just spending the gold to join the tournament. I think I had a twin blade equipped, but again, not fighting a PVP match, just trying to join the event.

Hey, is your error popping up every time you attempt/are inside PVP battles?