World-Wide release Hotfix v1.0.2 Patch Notes

Hello Adventurers,

Today we released a hotfix to help resolve the issues that players have encountered in Etheria over the last week.

As mentioned in our Week One Recap post, we are continuing closely monitoring every aspect of the game – from community discussions, to player feedback. Rest assured we are still working to address other bug fixes, and game optimisations. Further updates will continue to be shared across our social channels!

Thank you to all the players who reported these issues via our community and support channels, your feedback is always helpful!

The Puzzle Quest 3 Team

  • Added Chinese Traditional and Korean to iOS & Android
  • Added language names to chat rooms (in 1.0.2)
    Note: In 1.1 new users will have their initial chat room set based on language, not 1.0.2
  • Added more contextual help center links

    • Fixed possible soft lock when loading into a battle
    • Fixed soft lock caused when closing the mass salvage menu
    • Fixed softlock issue with using loot tickets on Dungeons
    • Fixed issue where the game would not start correctly in certain languages (eg. Lithuanian)
    • Fixed ‘Leave your current party’ error message is displayed during the conversation and title becomes unresponsive after dismissing the message while being in a party and attempting a story battle

    • Added error message when new Kingdom Names are not unique
    • Fixed issue where the Dungeon Node would sometimes disappear after a Dungeon Battle
    • Fixed icons on the side quest progress bar disappearing on returning from a battle
    • Fixed issue where the Minion Filter and Mass salvage buttons would disappear after upgrading a Minion.
    • Fixed Anchor Menu overlapping with follower menu
    • Fixed Gold not updating in UI when leveling up followers
    • Fixed an issue where in game notifications stop appearing after completing a battle
    • Fixed various UI menus where safe regions where not being applied correctly
    • Fixed ‘Quit’ text not being localized
    • Fixed The arrow button highlight when changing quantity on a shop item facing the wrong way and in the battle select menu for parties

    • Fixed issue where enemies would respond to quickly to the Dwarven Hammer hit animation
    • Fixed the issue where The Dwarf Berserker had his shoulder plate in the wrong spot when facing left in the conversation screen
    • Fixed issue with Xione when in disguise not appearing correctly in conversations
    • Fixed issue where the Premium Plus pack for Quest Pass had no visual indication of doubling the rewards, before they are collected. However this was just a visual issue as rewards are correctly being doubled when collecting.

    • Fixed issue where iOS Achievements were not unlocking
    • Fixed issue where searching by Kingdom Name was not working
    • Fixed issue where prices in-game on Steam were not showing correctly for some currencies, such as Japanese Yen


Did the level up sound effect (ignoring sound settings) issue get fixed?

Any undocumented changes on increased inventory space?