Update 1.2 - The Broken Tree

Hey everyone,

I wanted to kind of grab everything that came through and do a bulk address before being out for the day, so it’s one post!

Going forward the team will jump in here, grab and share any further questions and feedback to the team and then come back in bigger posts. Just so we can ask the team in bulk and then return with one answer.
Unless there is a bug in which case we will get to it and reply as soon as we can.

  • Starting with the Kingdom Bazaar refresh/restock, appears some old text may have been left in the patch notes and mixed the communication.
    The Bazaar Restock acts as it’s name implies. It will add +1 stock to all current deals. I’ll edit those patch notes now to prevent any further confusion/miscommunication!
  • If someone in your Kingdom has been unable to partake in the current Defense event and the Dragon has been defeated already, all Kingdom members will receive the basic rewards!
    Rewards are sent as soon as the Dragon has been defeated, so if you are currently in a battle then you will receive the rewards earned for the amount of damage you had done up until that point.
    An overkill mode is something the team is considering looking into in the future, but nothing concrete as this would affect how rewards are mailed out.
  • Iron Key difference in price will be releasing as soon as we can. Which will make the limited Kingdom Bazaar offer cheaper than the Honor Store.
  • Kingdom welcome message overlapping was mentioned as a Known Issue in the patch notes and is also likely to be fixed when a hot fix is released.
  • I will pass on the feedback and concerns regarding Food/Gold again to the team in our next meeting as well as the auto-play feature discussion.
  • All Crests earned from the weekly reset will count towards Ingots, but will not be credited to players’ accounts until they have updated to 1.2 and logged in. Until everyone has updated it will be out of sync.
    But I have raised this as something to keep an eye on to the development team.
  • Kingdom Bazaar offers are the same across your Kingdom and we are in the process of finishing up the articles for this update, where we will be including a table for the Kingdom Bazaar tier rewards and requirements.

But in the meantime, here is the table until that is live.

Tier Requirement Reward
I 5 purchases 1 wooden key
II 10 purchases 300 Gold
III 15 purchases 60 Minor Shards
IV 20 purchases 50 Gems
V 25 purchases 1 iron key
VI 30 purchases 750 Gold
VII 35 purchases 60 Lesser Shards
VIII 40 purchases 100 Gems
IX 45 purchases 1 golden key
X 50 purchases 1,500 Gold
XI 60 purchases 60 Greater Shards
XII 70 purchases 150 Gems
XIII 80 purchases 1 ruby key
XIV 90 purchases 3,000 Gold
XV 100 purchases 60 Major Shards
XVI 110 purchases 300 Gems
XVII 120 purchases 1 diamond key
XVIII 130 purchases 5,000 Gold
XIX 140 purchases 60 Superior Shards
XX 150 purchases 400 Gems