2 same Rings builds

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For some time I was wondering if wearing 2 identical rings would be the best option in my gear build. I analyzed all other options and the answer was : yes, could be worthy. I am mono purple warlock with 6x Night Set and 4x Guards (shield, pauldrons, gloves and belt). So there were 2 places left. As far as I found out for trousers maybe Savior’s Pants or Khazdhuli Waistguards would be good, the ring pick wasn’t so obvious. Then I asked myself why not to equip second Night Band (gain2-5% dark dmg bonus when matching 4 or more purples in one match). This choice would be just perfect. The only thing I was worried about if this mechanics works. Wanted to be 200% sure before upgrading it to legendary+ in case not loosing valuable materials like glyphs and relics. I started to research that topic and for my surprise couldn’t find unequivocal answer. Here I found sth but it was only about 2x same ring does not count as 2x pieces for Set Bonus:

Asking other players was also not satisfying unless the answers was divided. I only remind You guys I wanted this info been confirmed 200% sure. Decided to ask Devs directly by support/game questios. Here is what I’ve received in answer from Jeto:

“…but if you have two of them generally, there are two ring slots in your gear, so you could wear both and get the benefits…
As an example, if you had two Firewalker rings 25% chance to create Y red gem every turn - you don’t get a 50% chance or double the created red gems, instead there are two separate instances of a 25% chance of Y red gems being created.”

Tell me now guys isn’t that like this that 2 x 25% = 50% ? I am not good at math but as far as I remember from school 2 x 1/4= 1/2. But this is a propability so maybe I am wong. At least I found out the Y is not additive, wchich was very usefull. Thank you Jeto.

So as You see Guys the topic is interesting and still wonder how would the other rings react for that, to be honest havn’t analayzed all of them yet in that context.

Tell me what do You think about all of this. The purpose of mine posting this was just to finally get a clearly explanation of this issue, confirmed by Devs, as far as many players are still uncertain.

Wish You good luck and have fun.

The difference is important. A 50% chance to create Y red gems means that you have:

  • 50% probability of 0 red gems
  • 50% probability of Y red gems

2 instances of a 25% chance to create Y red gems means that you have:

  • 56.25% probability of 0 red gems (both instances failing = 75% x 75%)
  • 37.5% probability of Y red gems (the first or the second instance succeding = 25% x 75% x 2)
  • 6.25% probability of 2 x Y red gems (both instances succeding = 25% x 25%)

The way this works depends on the type of effect of the ring. There are 3 types:

  • Rings with a % to do something, they will give you 2 instances of the rings as explained before for firewalker ring. This is the case of Dwarven, Dragonguard, Firewalker, Fallen, Corrupted and Bucaneer rings.

  • Rings that give you a boost when a condition is met, they will give you the boost of both rings added. This is the case of Royal, Night, Runic, Elven, Bone, Flametree, Dreamhold, Dragonking and Necrotic rings.

  • Rings that give you a buff for a certain duration, will give you a single buff with the duration of both rings added. This is the case of Serpentine ring.

I have played with this and you do get the bonus from both rings. For example, with 2 legendary night bands every time you match 4 or more purple gems you get 4+4 = 8% dark damage bonus.

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I also think it’s daft not to get a set bonus from wearing the same rings.

The Fallen ring might be a good second ring if you’re using all dark spells.

Think of each ring as a bag with 4 marbles in it, 3 white & 1 red. You dip into the bag without looking you have a 25% change of getting the red marble.

Wearing a second ring means there are now 2 bags, each with 3 white & 1 red marble. You now have 2 bags to dip into, each with a 25% chance of getting a red marble.

If you fail with the first bag, you get a second chance with the second bag. You might even get lucky and get the red both times.

Hey Guys thank You a lot. That was just comprehensive. No more questions and hesitations. Thank you #HigureTheStillWind and thank you #ed.209. Good luck !


I think the devs should do something for rings, either go all in and give set bonus I for having 2 identical rings OR prevent from having the same ring twice, this might be unpopular but I’d prefer the latter tbh, people with 2 corrupted rings or 2 firewalker rings are very annoying in PvP and, well there are other examples but let’s leave it at that it is unbalanced.

Don’t you use two Dreamhold pledges?

Nope, I’m not sure what the game equips me with in defense but I don’t even have those at legendary quality.
Probably runic, royal or corrupted guard rings as I have those at mythic quality.

That was a mistake on my part; I though @KenpoKid69 had posted that, not you.

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I used to, I run a Dreamhold and Buccaneer ring now