A busy (and short!) month at Infinity Plus Two

Hi Adventurers,

We have a very busy and short month here at Infinity Plus Two, so we want to give you more details about when we will be away.

Here is a list of the dates the office will be closed due to holidays, dates are in Australian time:

22 - 27 September
5 October
8 - 11 October
15 - 18 October
1 November

You may have noticed the first long weekend is this weekend coming up, and it is a very long one. To break this up a little and reduce waiting times we will be answering any account and purchase issue support tickets on Friday.

We will pop in to keep an eye out for any urgent bug reports during the holidays. However, we’ll be replying to any new forum threads on business days.

If you need help with an issue on your game account you can contact us here:

We have carefully planned to ensure this doesn’t affect our game update schedule.

Thanks in advance for your patience over the next week particularly.


Thanks for the clear communication
And enjoy the break(s)


Thank you for the communication as it is nice to kbow why there may be some upcoming radio silence.

Also, on the bug front, is there any update on the warlock not boosting the correct colors?


Thank you for letting us know this! This is exactly the sort of communication we’ve been asking for! I hope you all have a fun and restful break!


Thanks for sharing your calendar with us. But onto something more relevant and useful- are you going to fix the terrible new gear layout or not?