About the price change of quest pass in 1.1

I noticed price of current quest pass is reduced from 750/1500 to 500/1000 crowns. I already bought it before update so…

Does it mean I wasted 250 (or 500) crowns?
Will people who bought current quest pass before version update get refund?


Adding in-game picture as support for OP’s claim.

Quest pass appears to have been reverted back to early beta/EA pricing at 500 Crowns per pass level. Unsure if this is intentional or not, as no mention has been publicly made about this.

But, as this issue occurred in the middle of a Quest Pass, early adopters of this month’s pass are on the short end of the stick. If an error, the error will surely be up all weekend for players to purchase.

Either way, this probably should be at least a partial refund situation for players who purchased this month’s Quest Pass at 750 Crowns per tier.

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Bumping for visibility.

10 days later… the cost of the quest pass is still the reduced 500 Crowns.

Should affected players create service tickets on the matter, or will there be a compensation partial refunded granted to players who bought the current Quest Pass when it was 750 Crowns?

Hey all,

Sorry we had missed this thread earlier!

After following this up with the team, we are investigating how many players were affected by this change and if we can get the difference automatically compensated back or if we will individually mail these out.

In the meantime, you don’t need to send through a ticket to Support. Once I get some more information, I will jump in here to update.

We’re very sorry this was missed from the patch notes. We’re currently discussing how we can prevent changes such as these from being missed in the patch notes going forward.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update!


Update: Mail is being organised currently to automatically go out to anyone who had purchased the Premium Pass before it was reduced, with a refund of the difference in Crowns.

250 Crowns for the Premium Pass and 500 Crowns for the Premium Pass+

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