Ashes of Creation Kingdom looking for Warriors!

Hello everyone I am Namodias the Leader of the “Ashes of Creation” Kingdom.

We are looking for people who:

  1. Play daily
  2. Can earn a minimum of 500 crests per week
  3. Will participate in Bazaar events
  4. Will participate in kingdom defense
  5. love this game!

If that describes you then by all means holler at me. Our roster is always full because we are a top kingdom and are very active but if you want to join and meet those requirements I want to talk to you!

We have a discord with lots of helpful people and we are always willing to help

I also post content about the game on youtube so if your looking for a kingdom that takes more of an active approach to helping shape the game by being here on their official forums and giving input and reporting news to you about the game, be sure to take a second to watch my work!

I hope it makes you want to join our kingdom :slight_smile:

With the new updates coming we are looking to fill two spots we have open. If you want to be part of an active and friendly community in game and on discord hit me up.

We are serious about succeeding as a kingdom and if you are serious about playing this game then I need to talk to you!


As of today we have one open spot! We are #5 this season and #15 overall in the world of PQ3! Not a bad place to be and we also have a active and friendly community and a thriving discord with lots of guides and builds, and strategy posted there for members only.

We also are seriously looking for a strong dragon hitter or two, so if you can do reliable 2+mill damage per turn to level 15 or above dragons then contact me because I want to make you a star in our kingdom!

I also actively make content on you tube about PQ3 so if that interests you also then by all means come be part of that! You can see my content at:

Thanks for your time!


UPDATE: as of today we are now full but if you are still wanting in then keep sending me your messages and i will add you to the list of people to work in at the first opportunity! Thank you for all your interest we appreciate you :slight_smile:


We now have one open spot! Get it while it lasts!

We are currently rank 6 this season, 15th overall, we keep a top level dragon and bazaar always, and we have an active and friendly community, drama free community and we have a thriving kingdom only discord that has tons of guides and information on it to help you grow.

We honestly are looking for players that can be hitters, we need someone who can do 1-2 mil consistently on level 16 through 20 dragons, so if that’s you and you can post at least 250 crests per week then I want to talk to you and make you a star in our kingdom!

We will accept new players that are learning but you will have to post a high amount of crests and participate in bazaars and be active on the chat and discord.

I also post content about the game frequently on my youtube channel, right now I am doing a series on “Merc Crit Master Focused Builds” so if that sounds interesting to you as well please join us!


We have one spot open!

Hurry and get it while you can!