Crafting Follower Information

What’s the time gap between 3.1 & 3.15?

So if the follower update is after the 3.1 update that means that more endgame content will take even longer.
It’s obvious you don’t really care about older players , the ones who supported your game from the beginning .

Where do you get that from? Part of the follower rework that’s happening this time is precisely because of older players who were complaining that they could no longer upgrade gear. Also its not the entirity of what we’re getting on this patch, its just the big hook to the upcoming season. There will be other stuff I’m sure on the patch notes we should be getting soon, separate from the blog.

Older players have already upgraded their gear and they have spares too.
Where did YOU get that from?
This will mostly benefit new/mid players.
As it should.
I m not complaining about that.
Since the game started tier XX dragon is max. How about add a few levels. Or a survival mode , or some new guild activities… something

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They have said more endgame content is on the radar. We just have no idea on how long that will take.

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I read that too a few months ago .
It would be nice of them to give us an estimate though.
If we know what and when its coming then we can decide if we 'll wait or not

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