Crafting Follower System Update (Coming in 3.1.5)

To lock attributes, it requires follower crystals that people under 50 for that specific follower do not have. There is no way people under 50 can take a chance needing 3 crystals.

The solution is to do what it was before. Break apart color and attributes. Just like it WAS before. It did not matter the color because I could change it easily. Now its: is it mythic, ok, is it my color no. Chuck it. I run 1 character, 1 color to synergize with that character. I do not have time to run others or even have a chance to get a follower besides the 1st to 50. There is not enough ways to get those crystals for an average player. The game is not rewarding anymore because I cannot easily upgrade my gear in 3.0. It’s a struggle to do 6 challenges, 4 events, Adventure, 3 Daily Story, then the 30 coin archive story. Since 3.0 I have not upgraded anything to mythic or improved a spell. I have 2 items at mythic. They rest were 45 waiting on the glyphs and relics. So, what is the point of playing. I hope you see what an average mid-tier player is experiencing.

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I thought this was gonna be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Still can’t think of a better thing. This was in fact the missing puzzle piece to the previous loot changes.

There’s so much agency! The sky is the limit. Every piece of loot will somehow contribute to your desired build. Find a legendary? Slot it in, upgrade something you already have, aether it to eventually craft what you want.

And a new frontier opens up! I thought it’d be practically impossible to upgrade my gear attribute-wise, but now there’s paths! My OCD is also satiated as I could get icepact off my red ring while keeping other attributes. I can eventually max out my weapon, and it can be done with targeted farming.

Very awesome in continued engagement and progression.


Lol, Dev did just rise again all costs into rocketrange and you even dont get it.

But ok, this com never was very good in getting things by just thinking about them.
Thats why every update first is hyped cause it looks good as first glance … and then by the time ppl leave the game in hordes when they get that the grind and the non rewarding gameplay just did rise and was highend again massivly to sell more stuff, cause nobody has that much time … smile.
But ok, as you dont want to hear it, I am out again and go back to my cave.
Have fun.


The gem costs for selecting attributes when crafting in the table and the game don’t match.

The table says that 1 attribute is 250 gems, 2 attributes is 750 gems and 3 attributes is 2250 gems. However, those are the individual costs for each extra attribute, not the total cost as done with the glyphs and crystals. The total gem cost in the game is +250 gems to select 1 attribute, +1000 gems to select 2 attributes and +3250 gems to select 3 attributes.

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Ah! Yep, I think originally this table looked a bit different and it may have had the totals as well, rather than how much each individual option costs.

Currently, it’s meant to read like, if you are selecting 1 attribute it’s X cost (250 Gems, 1 Glyph etc).
If you want to select 2 attributes it’s X amount + Y amount (+750 Gems, +2 Glyphs etc), and if you want all 3 attributes it’s X + Y + Z

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It makes sense to use the individual option costs, since it is how you have done it for the rest of crafting options. However, the issue here is that you are giving the gem costs as added costs but the glyph and crystal costs as total costs. If you want to give all costs as added costs then the table should look as follows:


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@Jeto Any time frame yet on when the next blog drops? And what the theme is going to be, minion rework I’m guessing?