Current adventure calendar

Is there an up-to-date calendar for the adventures? do they happen in a regular cycle, or is the next adventure randomly selected?

I’m specifically trying to find out when the Dreamhold relics will be available again, papa needs a mythic ring.

We just had it recently, so probably not for a while, but you never know. Its seems to be a bit of both cycle but also shuffled like a deck of a cards.

Just as KenpoKid69 said, there is some regularity in the adventure calendar but also some randomness, so it is difficult to make accurate predictions. Between the last dreamhold expedition and the previous one there were 15 other adventures, so it will take a while for it to appear again.

Previous Dreamhold Expedition dates:


But there aren’t 31 months…?

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The dates are written in the American format. Month, Day, Year.

I know, it was a joke. I was going to ask if their clocks are minutes:seconds:hours but it wouldn’t have landed.