Does exp carry over to citadel?

Hey guys recently hit level 50 I’m at chapter 15 still at the beginning does the exp I obtain go towards citadel once it’s unlocked or is it just wasted exp? Really hope it’s not wasted :joy:.

This seems to be a mixed answer.

If this is your first playthrough I am afraid I think it is wasted from what I remember from other folks posts (I pushed for completion to get Darkhunter who was at the time critical in evolving my followers). You can’t feed xo into the citadel that is not unlocked.

If this is your second playthrough or more - you feed xp into the citadel if it is already unlocked.

I can confirm any XP obtained at 50 before unlocking the citadel is wasted.

Once the citadel is unlocked, any xp on any character that is 50 will feed the citadel.

First playthrough aww bummer