[Fixed in 1.2] Eveline's Locket: Incorrect Bonus

I currently have Eveline’s Locket upgraded to Legendary, which should give a 12% bonus to all my masteries. However, it looks like it is only giving me a 8% bonus. For example, with an Ice mastery of 63, I’m only getting a bonus of 5 points (8%).


Hey @AeonNhiyr

I’m currently investigating this, but when I equipped the locket I appear to potentially have above a 12% increase to my ice mastery but no increase on the other colours.

Would you be able to take a screenshot of your colour masteries with no gear equipped, and then a second screenshot with just the Eveline locket equipped?

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

@Jeto Without Eveline’s Locket:

With Eveline’s Locket (Dark Legendary):

Hi @Jeto ! I was just wondering whether there has been any progress on this Eveline’s Locket ticket? When playing a F2P game, it’s kinda funky when paid-for items don’t work as they are supposed to - especially when it’s part of a “Founder’s Pack” like Eveline’s Locket :frowning:


There has not been an update on the bug report for this issue so far, once we have anything we will update here or post if a fix is on the way.

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Here’s some further evidence of the issue. Note that it’s best to look at the Ice, Fire, and Light masteries since the Locket adds extra Dark mastery, and I have a bunch of other Poison buffs.

Without Eveline’s Locket:

With Eveline’s Locket (Dark Legendary):

Here’s how the Eveline’s Locket buffs are adding up:

  • Ice: Adds 4, which is 9% (4/44)
  • Fire: Adds 4, which is 8% (4/49)
  • Poison: Adds 65 to unbuffed mastery of 814, which is 8% (65/814)
  • Light: Adds 16, which is 9% (4/173)
  • Dark: Adds 11 to unbuffed mastery of 124, which is 9% (11/124)

Based on these numbers, it’s definitely not giving the 12% bonus that it says Eveline’s Locket (legendary upgrade) is supposed give in this picture (see bottom left corner), which is the bonus that users are paying for when they buy the Steam Founder’s Pack:


Hi @Jeto! I see the updated title that the bug has been fixed in 1.2 Thank you so much for the update - much appreciated! :blush::+1: Definitely appreciate your help with resolving this!