[Fixed in 3.0] Godslayer is bugged

Short and sweet, the new Godslayer weapon is bugged. Gems that it explodes GIVE NO MANA!

It is supposed to explode gems, which it does, but there is no mana gain from those gems.

Video here:
Godslayer - New PQ3 Season 2.5 Weapon is BUGGED! - YouTube

Relevant screenshots here:


I think you’re right, doesn’t seem to give mana from the exploding gems.

This just reinforces something I recently realized. The only thing that works as expected in this downdate are the new chat icons.

Thanks so much for the video!

I’ve passed this onto the team to investigate.

Good news! The team have found the cause of the issue and fixed it!

Bad news! Unfortunately, this requires a client update so that means the fix can’t be released to the live game until version 3.0 releases :frowning:

Basically, the issue happens when the gems are exploded while gem matches are being resolved, the exploded Gems aren’t being counted under those specific conditions.

There shouldn’t be any other Weapon affected by this.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and thank you in advance for your patience for 3.0 to be released :pray:


To be clear, this bug is going to not be fixed until after this season?

Almost 7 weeks from now?

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