Free Folk Master Lines

As in the clan there is no place with enough space where you can leave useful information, I will post this here

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So that there are no doubts regarding promotions/demotions, here is the criteria I have followed:

New Members are promoted to Warriors as soon as they complete the crest requirements.

Warriors who fail the clan’s defense 4 consecutive times are demoted to hunters,
4 consecutive defenses together with the minimum number of crests will return the rank.

Dragon Slayers who fail the Defense 4 times in a row without justification will be demoted to
Warriors. Leadership chooses someone to take their place or not.

Smile Jonas, does not sound that free …
Most Queens/Kings are much less demanding regarding kingdom defence …
Would mean new players long time cant get to higher ranks with a level 20 dragon …

It’s not even worth commenting on something that, besides being inappropriate, doesn’t even make much sense.

I created this entry obviously for the benefit of my clan members.
Being the only clan with elections and having “free” in the name is obviously bothering some people.

I think this reinforces the need for what I asked before, a space with a few lines of text for the Clan’s internal use. Not all players are willing to join Discord or other ways to communicate outside of the game.

To all Free Folk members, thank you!

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Free Folk, thank you for your company and for making the game so much more fun.

For friends from other clans who read this, I wish you all the best and may you have great spoils!

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