Gem Raiders #1 on Playstation

Gem Raiders on Playstation currently #1 on both leaderboards and took first every season since created on September 17 2023.
Come help us hold down the top spot one crest at a time!
500 Crests weekly
Benefits for you are the XX dragon daily so a decent amount of gems :gem:
We have never missed a bazaar reward since founded.
Gifts handed out when we have extra
Plenty of experienced players in our roster with a psn chat to communicate and share info.
Message me here or on Playstation @Santandrix
Thanks for reading


1 place open now! Come in and help keep our kingdom rank. 2.25 million crests in 6 months.


We’re also officially endorsed by Lord Vader. What’s not to like?


Most certainly, the best kingdom. Active players are welcome.


A great start to the 3.0 season as we broke our kingdom record for crests in 1 week.
Thanks to everyone who is making this possible. Keep up the great work. :+1:


1 place is open now in the most active kingdom on Playstation. Message me if you’re interested in joining Gem Raiders. 500 crests weekly and we kill the XX dragon daily. Every bazaar reward is finished and lots of gems sent out in gifts.

Only active players please apply as we want to maintain our position in first and we still love the game here.
There’s lots of good kingdoms out there after our top spot.
Thanks and hope to see one of you real soon.


1 place open now. Come on in and join the fun! #1 on both boards
May the 4th be with you. 500 crests weekly.
All the goods and plenty of experience.