Gong's Tasks, Dailies

Nice to see this introduced in 2.2. I quite like it. Just a couple of things I would like to see added to it.

  1. Ancient coins x / 30 you have collected for the day. As you can collect 30 a day.

  2. The number of battles completed out of the total number you can do a day in the current season. (x / 3 for FTP or x / 5 for Gold season pass or x / 11 for Platinum season pass.)

I created a new topic in case others have opinions to add.


Exactly the other 2 daily task I am missing in Gong’s task menu.

Maybe also hide completed tasks (if all are completed, put something like a “all complete/finished/done” note there?) or sort them to the right side with a small border saying “complete/finished/done”?

Edit: Just saw that accomplished things do get removed, just not event battles (probably because of unclaimed chests?)

Also weekly quest pass tasks don’t really belong to dailies? There’s already the other “passes” tab for that.

Otherwise a good change and of course I agree that these 2 season dailies mentioned above should be added. :slight_smile:

Something new to add:

I have noticed if there is no kingdom defense currently active it disappears from the dailies. It would be nice if it didn’t disappear and had a countdown to say when the next one will start. This would help you know if you are able to do it in 15 minutes or 3.5 hours.