Small changes for battles tab

Excuse my poor graphic design skills but I have other tings to spend my time on.

Original battles tab:

My ideas for battle tab:

My idea behind this is to have everything to do DAILY clearly indicated . Some daily tasks are currently clearly indicated and some are not. I know there is already a lot on this tab but this information is quite useful.

Lets do this in order…

  1. Season 1.3 tab - Include the daily battles as you can only do a certain number a day and it would be good to show how many of these you have to do so you don’t forget them. I put the two bars side by side to keep it neat in my opinion. ( Incidentally I don’t understand the part 1/10 displayed as I have finished the first chapter)
  2. Vs tab - Shows there are uncollected rewards in the top left without having to enter the versus tab.
  3. Events tab - shows the number of uncollected rewards. This one is actually a little more important because the daily reward chests are mailed to you in keys if you forget to collect them ( like I did the other day)
  4. Kingdom Defense - Show the current health of the ongoing Kingdom defense. This could then switch to a countdown for the next defense if there is no active defense.
  5. Challenges - Once again just a small icon in the top left to show if you have uncollected rewards.
  6. Archive - Given you can only collect 30 ancient coins a day this should show how many you have collected.

Hey @shmaunpq

Thanks for putting this together it looks great! Better than some of my photoshop skills :sparkles:

Passed your suggestions on to the team!