Archive improvement - completing collections

If you’d like to complete your seasonal collections of items, there is a problem that it’s not very clear what items you already possess and which you don’t, so it’s difficult to decide what season should you buy the access to, to get the most out of it

Seasonal armour and weapons are quite easy to identify, because you can just check them by set or the items are quite next to each other when filtered by name, but that’s not the case for minions of spells
They don’t have an icon refering to the season they’re from (unlike armour pieces) and so far the only way for us to learn where are they from is to check what kind of relic do they need for upgrading and it’s still quite easy to get lost even if you try to keep notes on your inventory

I think it would be much more covenient (for the players, of course) for the archive to display to which extent where previous season completed. How many of the 6 set items, the 4 spells and 4 minions does the player currently possess and whether they have the season unique legendary item. This way players could easily see which of the seasons are the most incomplete to help determine which season should they buy access to next

If we’re going with the archive, there could also be implemented some sort of collection progress for the whole game. There, one could check what items they already have, which items are they lacking and where to find them, with sorting not only by seasons but also by dungeons that can drop those specific items

Of course, the final way of implementing this could differ, but I’m certain that a way to review the state of our collection completion would be a great help, especially that the amount of gear (especially seasonal one) will only keep on growing, making keeping up with all of this increasingly difficult. What do you, guys, think?


There’s some great ideas here. To add something similar but different here is a very pretty screen when clicking on the question mark within one of the seasons.

Unfortunately you can’t click on any of the boxes to find information on the items spells or minions. It would be nice if you click on the boxes and it would bring up information on these items.