Fallen Shoulder Guards cant be upgraded past legendary in current state

So I am sitting here trying to plan out my next purchases to allow me to upgrade a piece of gear from legendary to mythic, I have decided upon leveling my Fallen Shoulder guards and then I am met with this slap in the face…

Annnnnnd I see that I need “Fallen Relics” that’s just great because I cannot buy those on the store because they were a seasonal relic. Which basically means at this point that at 30 seasonal currency per day that I will never get them because the RNG on the caches will be so opressive that I will never get to upgrade this gear even though I am willing to BUY THEM.

Can you guys not put those superior relics from the seasons on the store? Why do they have to be like this? I can understand not having them on the store while the season is active but we have 4 seasons archived now and no real way to get those relics so that gear is just stuck and un upgradeable at this point. There are so many situations in this game where I am trying to give you guys my money and you just wont let me!

Can this please be looked at? @jeto @Kafka


They should also be added to the general loot pool once the season is over, including being able to convert them with Eveline.
I can see no good reason to not allow us to evolve season items once the season is over.
I wouldn’t even mind if it was tied to having the season unlocked.


Hey all,

This is feedback that we have shared previously with the team and is being discussed. Raised it again today and an idea was to include Season Relics in the Archive Store once the Season moves into there.

But is one the team is aware of!


Thanks @Jeto. Much appreciated.


Thank you we need this so bad it’s not fair to not be able to upgrade this gear thank you for bringing it to their attention

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This would be beyond awesome!

I would imagine any delay in implementing this idea would be in how to do it without devaluing the season pass, while still making it available for those that couldn’t buy the pass because they hadn’t started playing the game yet. :thinking: Perhaps a longer delay before those relics pop into their respective archive shops (similar to the delays in the GoW soul forge?) Perhaps increase the amount available for purchasing during the season, itself? :woman_shrugging: Just a couple of ideas.


@Jeto any word on when this is going to happen? Thanks for your efforts to help us get some of these frustrating issues fixed. :+1:


Maybe let Eveline convert relics to season relics once she hits level 50. Or maybe convert one glyph to another when she’s at level 50

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sings in an off key tune

“Wish the team the team would address this issue…”

“Fa la la la la fa la la la “


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I do not have an update on changes coming to make Seasonal Relics more available.
At the earliest, there are currently no plans within 2.0, if anything comes up like I always mention, I will share it. :sparkles: :sparkles:

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so basically everyone wanting to upgrade seasonal gear that is from the archived seasons is just stuck then. ok thanks. Wonderful mechanic and design decision!

you guys are so confusing, sometimes you really make some great decisions and add in some great features, like action points for instance, and then you make limiting and harmful choices like this??



I don’t get it … probably the world has just become too fast paced for old cats like me; there would never have been such a thing in my admin/mod days …

Why don’t you just build in seasonal adventures where you can get these relics that are valuable for so many players here?

Now you have with the adventures already a game mode built in, which can be expanded really interesting; especially if you consider the history of the various games.

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They want you to pay real money
= Season Passes, an ongoing income stream

I can’t recall if you can even use the overpriced, may-not-even-work, relics flash offer

Basically to upgrade season items = $

Will that change after the season run has finished and 2.0 arrives - Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it

And if all that is true and not going to change (obviously be better for players if it did)
I wish they would rethink how the platinum pass works
a) Give me the option for triple chests as dungeon rewards so I can choose not to play 9 dungeon battles per day as the “reward” for paying - it just takes too much time
I want the in-game benefits, not MORE battles to get them - So give me the option of 3 chests as the reward for each dungeon run for 3 tickets

b) Find a way to make the season pass maintain its value during the entire season
The choice to get a season pass is basically a first week decision for most players- after that the value is declining each day as well as each week
If I’ve paid for the pass, let me retroactively get ALL the rewards - both daily tickets and weekly shop which would make the season pass purchase an option for the whole season
I get the FOMO strategy, sure, but balance that against the selling pass window is opened for a whole season

c) have the season gear piece be a guaranteed option from a Platinum Season Cache in the last week of the season - so if you missed it you can get it guaranteed (and if you got lucky during the season you can skip it, or get another one)


what are you talking about? you can grind the chapters on hard mode and get diamond chests with a 0.001% chance to pull a relic! totally reasonable.


YES - I think these are all EXCELLENT ideas!

Also, I think you can get the seasonal relics w/ the relics flash offer, or at least the one time I checked just for fun.

This is an excellent post and I would strongly suggest @Jeto to forward these ideas on immediately

I’m annoyed at myself for not thinking of the triple chest idea. Man that would be perfect

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It needs to be an option to select - because it does have some small risk, if you take a loss you would loose 3 chests
At the start of a season when you are being challenged by the new enemies, you would not want to clock up a string of expensive losses before you settle on the hero build and Dungeon level you want to focus on
An extra button option or something in settings, could be used to provide the solution

@jeto is anyone going to do anything about this issue? We are all pretty much giving up on you guys listening to our needs so yeah…

Yes, also wanted to know if this has been follow-up with the Dev team.
I mean, people paid for the season platinum pass, they should be able to find these relics in the shop each week, as this also works like this in the season itself. Or make them double the ancient coins weekly to be obtained, or even 2 weekly. Or increase the daily ancient coin limit to how much seasons you have unlocked… That way we have some options to obtain them. Cause right now, I could waste 10K+ ancient coins and then get no fallen relics…

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