PQ3-Xmas/New Year-Wishlist

a.) Seasonal symbols as badges with perma bonuses to equip

b.) More information possibilities for the profile details

c.) Hunt mode change: additional rewards for defeating XYZ of ABC enemy types

d.) Seasonal dungeons for group gaming

e.) Riddle stones to obtain class specific spells via emptying the board with matches (PQ1, spells not available from Xione)

f.) Adding up to 3 preffered chat tabs

g.) Random quest pool for daily / weekly / monthly quest pass with the addition of legendary and mythic quests

h.) Teaming-Up quests in a way of small side adventures for 2 players

i.) Seasonal backgrounds being added to the kingdom asjustments

… … …

(The ranks don’t show the wished priority, all things have the same: A++++++)

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For me, I’d love to see a spell view where I can tell apart rare and uncommon spells. The new view is better than it was in 1.3, but it’s still really hard to spot the difference, which means I can’t mass salvage spells.


i’d like a way for non-long time players to get some of the one time drop items like Lucky Clover Ring


I’d like a heroic effort to not mean the enemy wipes the floor with me because their spell filled up.

Could a heroic effort trigger halve the enemy mana gain?


Things I wish would be implemented:

  1. the ability to send players/kingdom members direct messages.

  2. an online status indicator.

  3. the ability for leaders of the kingdom to choose what ranks can spend ingots, for ALL ranks.

  4. a fix for the zero turn pvp kill builds abuse.

  5. rework kingdom defense so that lower level members don’t feel defeated every time they try to participate and fail.

  6. more ways to burn gold. I am constantly capped, I buy everything available every week and cant do anything with my gold most of the time.

  7. more options for kingdom leaders to reward members besides promoting them. Give us the ability to assign them titles for extra effort or for rewards. The three we get every week are fine but create some new ones that give bonuses to the players. Ones that leaders can assign each week. example “Boss Killer” +5% to damage to bosses and mini bosses, or “dragon slayer” +5% to damage dealt to dragons in kingdom defense. or “Master farmer” +5% to food generation…etc

  8. Ways for players to earn the seasonal items from the past that they have missed.

  9. more ways for kingdoms to compete with each other, maybe kingdom wars with a matching system that doesn’t suck or some sort of competitive dungeon where kingdoms can compete or just something because right now kingdoms are starting to get boring.

  10. Glyphs are still a huge bottleneck, can you please figure something out to help players attain them. I have got a minion glyph 7 weeks in a row from the 30k gold buy and that also is just stupid.

I am sure I could think about 100 other things but I will shut up now lol. :rofl:

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the randomness of glyphs needs to be addressed. There should be one glyph type, let players choose how they want to use them. Or make one glyph type and add in the requirement to use like 10 mythic scrolls of the appropriate color (give me some reason to have 1000+ mythic scrolls)


Over six months ago, I posted about how I paid real-world money for Steam Exclusive items that turned out to not work the way they were advertised. Six months later, they still don’t work correctly. I would REALLY love for these items to get fixed so they contribute to a set bonus and work the way they’re advertised. :frowning:


Spells and minions need some love, no reason to upgrade and evolve them into mythic.


Some way to show gear names on equipped gear. When people share screenshots of their builds there are always a few pieces I don’t recognise.


and the previously requested “salvage all” button for chests. If you get every slot possible filled with items from a diamond chest it quite literally takes 30 seconds to salvage them all.
Thirty seconds doesn’t sound long but it’s super frustrating when you only have a limited time to play and you waste minutes of total game time salvaging items one by one from multiple chests. Even a gold chest can take 15 seconds.

Edit: A collect all would be handy for the 3 day event too. :wink: Opening 6 separate chests and salvaging takes a while. Not that I really expect this to be done but it would be nice.

  1. General optimization. Sometimes I feel like I spend as much time in loading screens / transition screens / showing what I just got from salvaging something / menu screens as actually playing the game.
  1. An icon on stored chests indicating if they’re skirmish chests, or, if they’re dungeon chests, have the appropriate dungeon set image, as well as the level of the chest. Seems silly that the spells you find are dependent on which class opens the chest, but then you can’t see what level or type the chest is nor which dungeon it’s from when they’re ready to open as, at this stage, you can only see details about stored chests while they’re in the process of being opened or don’t have a minion selected.

  2. Something to be done for each class to make their second mastery/colour bonus to be more relevant. I’ve been thinking for ages that, for shamans/berserkers/paladins/assassins at least, if the gems created from their ultimate corresponded to whichever of their 2 class colours they’ve got the most mastery for - i.e. wearing light gear on a shaman makes your ultimate create yellow gems instead of green. As is, IMO, the whole 2-colour thing for each class seems… Mostly meaningless… Poison assassin? really?

  3. The inability for things to show up in daily shops costing crowns.

  4. The ability to DM friends/guildmates.

  5. An indication for when friends/guildmates come online, as well as while they’re online.

  6. More dungeons that AREN’T locked behind seasons.

  7. Followers to NOT be locked behind seasons.

  8. Spells to be cast 100% of the time when their requirements are met (including full mana) while auto-play is toggled on. Don’t know why this isn’t a thing - sometimes I’ll notice spells not cast for multiple turns while they’re castable.

  9. Currencies to go straight to your wallet when purchased from shops, like when you get things from the mail, instead of having to click continue.

  10. The ability to open event chests in any order, so you can choose to have specific keys sent to your mail upon the event’s expiration.

…And many others that aren’t coming to mind right at this moment and/or are commonly mentioned such as t0 pvp being fixed and various changes to kingdom bosses.


oh! I forgot one thing I have wanted since I started playing this game and is definitely in my top 3!!!

Give us the ability to make the citadel points distribution specific for each of our character slots! For instance I need my shaman to be set up differently than my kingdom defense necro and etc. Please do this!

Right now the blanket one size fits all approach isn’t very fun and it feels limiting when it could be amazing with this one simple change.


Best thoughts always come up relaxing on the Couch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Because we are “dealing” with solo boss battles in the kingdoms what about the implementation of boss waves?

Between 3-5 random bosses could be a new kind of experience, maybe scaled the same way like adventures in both, strength and rewards?

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