A New Dev Approaching!

Hello everyone!

As many of you have seen, we have a heap of new content in the works for Puzzle Quest 3 but this doesn’t mean we aren’t continuing to work on content and game modes already implemented in-game!

One of our most extensive game modes is Seasons, and to help gather your feedback and continue to make sure it remains fun and challenging. So please welcome to the forum, one of our Puzzle Quest 3 designers, @Ozball !

Ozball, can you give us a description of what you do on the PQ3 dev team?

I work as a Designer, with a primary focus on seasonal content.

What is your main hero class?

My first, and main class is the Paladin, but I also enjoy the Warlock.

What is your favourite aspect of PQ3 to work on?

Enemy and Class Design. I enjoy finding ways to make enemies interesting and fun to fight against, while giving players options and choices as to how they play their classes.

With a small introduction out of the way, what is Ozball doing on the forum? Who even let them here in, and why?

Here is a brief rundown of what our plans are, some house rules and an (expected) FAQ!

What is the plan?

During the wind-down of each Season, (likely after Hard or Elite mode releases) I’ll share a link to a questionnaire in a forum thread.

This will go over some specific questions, such as ‘Did you find X enemy challenging?’ or ‘Was Y Gem interesting to interact with?’ as well as a chance to share feedback specific to that Season, such as further thoughts on the enemies/mini bosses/enemies and the Gem of the Season.

You’re all excellent at sharing constructive feedback on so many aspects of the game and we want to give some further love to Seasons!

As mentioned, this link will be shared in a thread (potentially locked), either a new thread every Season or one mega thread where we post a new comment each Season.

This survey be available for at least a week, with a final call-out shared within the thread before we close submissions. Some details are TBD, as this is still a work in progress!

But Jeto, Season 2.2 is about to end!

That’s right, it is! Keep your eyes out on the forum as we will be sharing our first Season Feedback form for 2.2, soonTM.

House rules

Being a designer, Ozball will not be as active or responsive on the forum, that’s what your excellent CX team is for!

So please do not tag Ozball around the forum in things like…

  • Bug reports
  • General feedback threads
  • When you haven’t had a response to your thread
  • Tagging them while tagging all other devs to get eyes on your post

We don’t want to scare away having more of the team being visibly active and answering questions, CX is scary enough!

You are all very polite and understanding so we already know you’ll be respectful of the time of Ozball and other devs who might pop up.

A general note: We (all PQ3 team members) appreciate not being spam-tagged across the forum. Also, we appreciate that you understand we are as active as we can be, and reply as often as we can! We do get notifications when you reply to one of our posts anyway.

So if you have not seen us post in a thread, we have likely seen it and just haven’t gotten back around to it.


I have feedback already and it’s day 2 of the Season live, what do I do with this?

Please don’t hesitate to still make feedback threads or comments within the patch notes, CX gathers all this information and passes it onto the dev team either way.

Alternatively, if you can contain your excitement, make a note somewhere for yourself and then jump into the survey as soon as it is live!

Can I tag Oz in my bug report about this Season mini boss?

Do not tag them in your bug report threads, again CX will continue to respond and handle these. As mentioned in the house rules.

I didn’t really play the Season but I have a lot of thoughts on this Adventure.

Please do not go through the Season-specific survey if you have not at least played through some or most of the Season story.

Will save a lot of time going through all the feedback submitted for the Season if we aren’t also needing to filter out non-Season content.

As always, please still create and comment on feedback threads or within each that updates patch notes thread.

CX will continue to grab those, this survey is not replacing any processes for player feedback.

And with that, once again, give a big warm welcome to @Ozball :sparkles:


:wave: Hi all! You might see me around in game chat as well from time to time. :eyes:


Omg! Fancy seeing you here.


Hi Ozball! Nice to see some more faces from the team :blush:

I will definitely keep my eyes out for the Feedback form :eyes:

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Hi @Ozball :wave:

Welcome aboard.

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Hi Ozball.

@Jeto You just missed the chance loading my annoying nature on Ozballs back. Now you still have to stick with it :grin: Btw please remember you still need some story expert :yum:

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How in the world did you get picked for this task, Ozball?

Drew the short straw among the office staff?
Was the unfortunate winner of an office-wide Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament?
Lost a bet to Morgz and/or Sirrian?
The dreaded “volun-told” by management? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or something even… worse ? :popcorn:

Well, regardless of the sordid details of the matter, good to “see” you again! :tada:

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Feedback form is out! Go go go! :partying_face:

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:wave: Hi @Lyrian! Nice to see you’re still hanging around :grin:

I’m not at liberty to say for fear of my kneecaps :zipper_mouth_face: but lets just say that Morgz and Sirrian were both involved.


Is the form supposed to require a Google account login to access? Perhaps the form not made public?

Let me have a squiz :woman_facepalming:t2: should be open now!

Updated the link, just in case.


A kingdom mate has said something that I have found really true: “The survey is prob a bit premature when I dont pay much attention until Elite comes out”

I believe a lot of high level players just autoplay through the normal and hard difficulties, so we don’t really pay much attention to the content until elite difficulty comes out. So I suggest the survey is left 2 weeks so that we can answer once we have elite mode unlocked, or that they are posted together with elite unlocking. Otherwise, the level of depth when answering will be lacking.