Happy Anniversary Month!

Here is a look at the month ahead of us!

Thank you all from the team here at IP2, for another wonderful year adventuring together in Etheria!

On that note, look at what you HAVE achieved in that time.

Can’t wait for you all to see what we have planned next, as early as 3.1 and 3.2!


Lastly, there was an issue with the Season Archives being free and open, overlapping the Ancient coin bonus but they will be returning with the 3.0.1 hotfix!
For more information:


Paladin reigns supreme…what does that mean? 1) Paladin has the best win rate? Or 2) Paladin is the highest picked class?

Highest picked class

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I really wish you could post a calender of adventures every month, shame its just for anniversary, can it be asked if its possible every month