My 1st PQ3 aniversary

When entering the forums today a nice surprise awaited me… A small piece of cake telling me that today is my first anniversary of the day I joined! Time does fly, it seems only yesterday when I was still trying to wrap my head around being able to move gems diagonally, but already a year has passed by.

To be honest, I wouldn’t call it the best game I have ever played. In fact, there have been several times that due to personal reasons or bad experiences with the game I have been tempted to quit it. However, I do enjoy it a lot, I can remember plenty of great and joyful moments playing it. And if I had to chose something among everything PQ3 has given me, I have no doubt about it, there is nothing I value more than the wonderful community around this game.

Passing time in the forums, trying to help other players, giving feedback or just venting my frustrations on poor Jeto. Learning all the fine details of this game with my kingdom and discord members, fine discussions and lots of good vibe and laughs. Spending great times in the global chat, helping each other, seeing new players growing up, laughing once and again with all the great mates that make the chat so lively…

I wanted to take this opportunity to say to all of you, players and devs that have contributed to make me enjoy my time so much for the last year… From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!


Your welcome, but … fact is … we have to be thankful.
Thanks a real lot, Higure, for the great job you do as a Wiki and the permanent help and engagement you offer!
And … Happy Birthday!


Congratulations ! You’re also one of the reasons I’m still in this game :cake:

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Happy One Year Anniversary! I consider myself very lucky to have met you and am very thankful that you became part of the Throne of Odin community. You have been amazing both in game in and in Discord with helping players with questions about the game and encouraging people to experiment and explore. I know there are a lot of players still playing PQ3 directly because of you.

Here’s some more cake! :birthday: :cake:



:cake: Happy One Year Higure! :cake:

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