Hello from the 505 Games F2P Community Manager!

Hi everyone! Popping and introducing myself to the quickly growing Puzzle Quest 3 community! Didn’t see a self-introduction thread so I’m putting this in off-topic.

My name is Yume / WarlockPrime
I’m the F2P Community Manager over at 505 Games.
I will be assisting Salty on some community-related things, mostly on the 505 Games side.
Though I have been quietly observing from the shadows for quite some time.

I’ve been reading some of the feedback and strategies everyone has been posting since the start of early access, and have found a lot of it incredibly insightful and helpful!

Thanks again for being a part of the Early Access. Hope to get to know some of you better!


Hello Yume / Warlock Prime! Happy to have more developer / comm manager engagement with the community. Please send our best to the dev team and let them know we don’t mean any of our strong feedback/criticisms of the game towards them personally. We understand this is in early access and there will be changes needed!

I think what was so helpful to hear from Salty was that your team hears the feedback and it’s getting passed on.

We’re all so eager to see this game succeed and be the best it can be. There’s really something special here and IMO the game has a ton of potential.

Please let us as the community know how we can best engage / provide feedback in the most constructive ways.


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Well met, Yume / WarlockPrime. :slight_smile:

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Hi @WarlockPrime !

It is a pleasure to finally “meet” the silent shadowy lurker from the Gems of War Beta Test Discord. :smile:

Let’s see, a little bit about me…

I’ve been a Gems of War player for about four and half years. Like many here, a long-time fan of the Puzzle Quest series, which led me to Gems of War originally.

My “professional” hobby (lol), is being a Gems of War public beta tester, which I have been for the last two full years (if not longer). Currently, I am over here on the PQ3 side volunteering beta services while the game is in Early Access. I’m a frequent regular on Salty’s streams, and the unofficial GoW forum scribe for Salty’s official patch preview/dev Q&A streams.

I’m hoping to have a write up with my feedback about my experiences with the first month of experiences by the end of the week. Hope you look forward to reviewing my thoughts on the early state of the game.


As Lyrian mentioned, WarlockPrime has been lurking for a while and observing our ways…



I think this is mostly because almost everyone here in the early access forums are old-hands from the GoW forums.

For my part, I’ve been playing Gems of War for about five and a half years. I was a big fan of the original Warlords series back in the day, but didn’t realise it was the same devs until I met Sirrian and Nimhain at their booth at PAX AUS 2015.

I live in Melbourne, so I’d be interested to hear any stories about your cultural clashes dealing with the Aussie dev team. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Our 505 games in-house team is made up of a collection of Non-Americans and Americans, including some Aussies, so it feels pretty natural already.

What does feel crazy is working with people from the future, 17 hrs in the future that is… :drum: …lol I’ll show myself out.