Suggestions for the game

hello guys, how are you?
I have few suggestions for this game which I think could make this game more fun. first we have to add new competitions. I know there is a plan for renewing adventures but still.This game has only two different type of competitions player versus computer ( adventures) and players versus player( tournies). There is no team versus team competitions. We can add this to make the game more fun and get teams together.
A competition where the whole kingdom is fighting against another kingdom. it can be in different forms like a specific time of the day when the whole kingdom attacks another kingdom or battle against dragon with unlimited health for specific time to see which kingdom gets a better score or any other form that can be arranged.
Other suggestions include rewards
Rewards needs to be changed.
it not only gems but can add other rewards
for example unique piece of gears that’s not available in the game for the first or first three in tournies or kingdom competitions
Or maybe a guaranteed immortal mythic for the winners
Or merged gear ( a gear with added advantages to it’s original powers)
Also rewards can be packages like a package of glyphs, mythic relics or rare other resources for winners and so on.


Kingdom challenges could prove interesting, or even a ranking board for the dragon could be really nice as well. Especially with the new changes seen in 3.0, more people can participate in the dragon which makes that a lot more fun.

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