PvP feedback after game's first triple 1st place week

I just got first place in all 3 PvP tournaments this week, the first time it has been done (mostly because of Elite Tournaments, more on that later). I wanted to give a bunch of feedback in regard to PvP as it seems rather bare bones and flawed currently.

The scoring for PvP doesn’t seem to make much sense at all. Currently, it is just a multi way tie competition where the whole goal is to use as many high rush down spells as possible to win on turn 1.

The biggest issue with scoring currently is that a turn 0 win can be done. Only really specific gear combinations are capable of reaching full mana on turn 0, which forces the PvP meta to have to use these items to partake in the 1st place tie competition. This makes build diversity near non-existent since the only thing that currently matters is to get a turn 0 or turn 1 win.

The defending system seems kind of pointless with how it is now, and it is causing PvP to be artificially easy because of it. There is currently no way to set a defend team, no benefit to doing so even if one could, and a lack of clarity when it comes to defending. For example, nowhere in the game is it shown how much mana cost every pet’s ability has despite it being different.

With how it is now, people are setting pets based on which pets are highest leveled that they currently own so that they can get the highest bonus, but in doing so the pets often have very mix matched and potentially underwhelming abilities when that team is then used as defend.

This also causes a weird interaction in colored PvP modes. Offensively, a player may want to use equipment in a purple tournament that creates purple gems when hit by dark/light; however, this same equipment when used on the defend team just helps the player and hinders the AI’s chance of winning.

The player has a drastically tilted advantage in all battles due to these factors.

The Gong PvP follower seems a bit underwhelming. He doesn’t really help to get max score in any way, especially since PvP only takes the highest 10 scores anyways, so having more battles normally isn’t going to make or break placement.

Would be nice to see him have a bigger role in PvP, at least for defending if nothing else. Some additions that could possibly work for him include:

  • Give +0.25% starting mana in pvp per level
  • Have all 4 of those stats be 5x more potent when defending

Elite Tourney:
This is by far the worst thing currently about the PvP system. I am the first and only person who has been able to get into the tournament so far from my understanding.

The biggest issue with it is it is on a rotating system that either required the player to own 15 or 75 weapons depending on if it can roll different colors for the same weapon or not. That is A LOT of weapons.

This is made a lot worst by the fact there is currently no way to change the color or perks on gear in any way. Someone could spend the entire week using every empty chest slot they have to constantly role the weekly PvP weapon and STILL not get before the end of the 7 day period. It is interesting that a specific dungeon basically becomes the dungeon of the week in order for people to hunt it for the weapon, but the inconsistency of trying to get it is just waaay too high. It took a month before the 1st person was even able to get into it due to the massive range of what is needed for it.

Restricted Tourney and Lack of Space:
PQ3 in its current design currently does not have ANYWHERE near the storage required to properly partake in the color restricted PvP modes. I am at rare Guard and still cant scrap together a full set of any color due to many pieces constantly having to be salvaged due to the exceedingly high lack of space.

Playing the PvP modes as intended is near impossible with current storage and leads to enemies being even easier than the already easy PvP setup.

Currently, the rewards for PvP are extremely frontloaded. Every weekly reset day has almost all of the rewards for the entire week of PvP.

Tomorrow I will receive for it around 1,550 gems, 600+ glory, among a few other rewards for the initial weekly completions that take only 1 day to hit. It makes up around 70% of all the glory throughout the week all on 1 day, as well as upwards of 95% of its total value counting the weekly rewards, the weekly objects that take only 1 day, and the natural rewards that it gives for the day.

Would be nice if PvP had more of an incentive throughout the week beyond the small amount of glory gain.

Real Time PvP:
For my final remark, I mostly just want to mention that this game feels like it really needs a real time PvP system. It can be a completely different game mode than what is currently setup, but it is definitely needed. The game already has real time coop, which is a great feature, but currently PvP doesn’t have the equivalence for it.

Even something as basic as a timed race through a special pvp dungeon, where the first 5 enemies are all randomized different colored enemies covering 1 of each color to be fair to all classes. Both would fight all 5 in the same order. Then the boss would be the other player’s PvP character.

This would use a system somewhat like the coop, while still keeping it PvP.


I really like the system you’ve proposed. And it’s viable for this game too, considering that Co-op is a thing (the argument that the servers and the game for GoW were not built for real-time exists there, but not here where the foundations for those systems already exist).

In the long term I really do expect there to be an actual real-time PvP system, where both players share a board.


I’m 100% with this idea, funny I just thinking about this the other day

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Tacet - how did you make first place in the open tourney?

I guess the question goes more in the direction - what determines 1st place amongst a group of equally performing 25ks? I noticed in my bracket there are 5 of us with 25k points. However, we shuffled about. I was first for a bit, now someone else is. And the difference is up to 400 gems! What determines this? I first naively thought maybe whoever got the 25k points earliest in the week but that was clearly wrong. Maybe the person who has the latest 2500 score? Mine is a day ago or more. From last week I noticed that there was also no sharing of reqards - there is a clear first and second place amongst the cohort. If I don’t fall asleep I will burn a token before reset to see whether that shifts anything, kept two behind when I noticed that the cohort was shifting.

@Elric I believe (if all have the same score) its a tie for first. It’s just presented weird, visually.

After reset I can confirm that I moved up and down randomly in the list of score wise equally placed players but did get the reward for first place even though it was shared between the first 3 or 4 AND at least as of a couple minutes before reset I was not actually placed first.

I guess that turns this into a feature request - if possible please make the reward apparent and/or come up with some form of shared place visual. Admitted, the shared first is likely going to be a seldom thing once the 25k PvP scores are re-balanced. And GoW to my knowledge still has not changed the double first for events either which both get a power orb - likely as that happens too seldomly. And maybe that is fixed. Who knows.